Virtual & Augmented Reality for Vocational Courses

Applying new skills in safety

happy vocational students

Vocational training will really begin to feel the impact of virtual and augmented reality over the next year or so. The ability to experience training in 360 is invaluable – and imagine budding mechanics viewing a working engine from all angles without leaving the classroom. All this is possible right now with ClassVR.


Giving students the opportunity to experience the reality of being in an unfamiliar working environment is absolutely key to success in vocational training – but often difficult and expensive to achieve. 360 videos from the perspective of an employee can work alongside traditional shadowing and workplace visits, allowing students to revisit challenging situations at their own pace.

student chefs with their tutor


Vocational training is all about the balance between gaining knowledge and building experience – learning through practice. The ability to go back through scenarios again and again, without additional expense or inconvenience, is a great advantage. Augmented reality is particularly powerful in this context; see how a technique is performed or a machine functions in the real world.

students learning new practical skills


In addition to putting themselves in the shoes of an experienced employee, VR gives students a unique method of empathising with customers, service users and clients. What does it really feel like to be an elderly person receiving residential care? How can this shift in perspective encourage reflective practise in trainee care assistants?

vocational students gaining a new perspective through vr


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