Virtual Reality Learning Resources and Content

Deliver immersive learning with curriculum-aligned VR content for schools

The ClassVR portal includes access to a huge library of pedagogically sound and engaging VR and AR content

ClassVR comes complete with 1000s of educational VR resources along with structured lesson plans to help spark the imagination of your students, leaving them with memories and experiences that help visualise and understand even the most complex of educational subjects.

Teachers can instantly access resources that cover a huge range of topics and curriculum subject areas, add your own resources, such as 360 degree photos and videos, and build your own engaging lesson plans.

Using virtual reality in the classroom provides truly immersive lessons for your students allowing them to visualise and understand even the most complex of educational subjects.

What’s more, with your subscription to the ClassVR portal, you will receive brand new VR and AR lesson plans and content that's created by our team of education experts!

Download our list of available content

Educational VR Resources

ClassVR’s 360-degree images and videos cover a huge range of topics and curriculum subjects to open up a world of experiences, which include:

  • Thousands of pre-made VR activities, resources and lesson plans created by our team of education experts
  • Unlimited access to resources via ClassVR portal
  • Ability to upload your own 360 images and videos
  • Access to user-generated VR resources from the ClassVR community
  • All lesson plans and worksheets can be printed and photocopied for distribution within school

Thousands of virtual reality resources available

For a more detailed view of the VR content currently available, please click on the topic links below and explore some of the exciting resources already available in ClassVR.


Step inside a virtual art gallery and take your students through some of the world’s famous galleries, iconic buildings, paintings and sculptures. Experience the art and be inspired to create your own!

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Biology & Life Science

Switch your lab coats for VR headsets and get up close to nature. Hold a human heart and inspect cells or investigate the human anatomy and beyond – all directly from the classroom!

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Explore the structures of some of the most well-known substances in the world, examine atomic structures, hold molecules, and learn & understand the most complex Chemistry concepts first-hand!

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Personal, Social and Citizenship Education

Provide real-world context to the people and places that your students learn and hear about on the news. Let them experience different cultures, circumstances and environments as if they were actually there.

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Design, Technology and Industrial Arts

Explore how technology has changed the world. Study parts of planes, trains and everything in between, discover how they’re designed and find out how they work!

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Drama, Theatre And Performing Arts

Stimulate and inspire ideas for performing and dramatic writing. Experience the scenery and become part of the literature, from future towns to The Globe Theatre, there’s lots to inspire your work!

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Literacy and Language Arts

Kickstart your students’ imagination and fuel creative writing by putting them in places they can only imagine – your students will be delivering descriptive and confident writing in no time!

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Take your students to historical landmarks and ancient societies such as Ancient Rome, Greece and China, and experience history as if they were actually there!

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Create a whole new way to explore mathematical ideas, from holding 3D shapes and models in your hands to exploring fractals – perfect for visual learners!

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Discover how music can sound and feel completely different depending on where you are in the world and delve deep into different settings to help inspire your own music.

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Physical Education

Experience sporting events first-hand and familiarise your students with sporting environments, all directly from the classroom!

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Let your students explore the unexplorable, from holding a planet in your hand, visiting space or experiencing real-world examples of physics in motion!

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Religious Studies

Explore some of the world’s most incredible places of worship and build empathy for different cultures, all directly from the classroom!

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Explore every corner of the Earth, learn about nature and take your field trips to the next level by visiting some of the most dangerous and remote locations imaginable!

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Travel and Tourism

Take your students on a worldwide adventure and explore different heritages, cultures and places, all straight from the classroom!

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