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School VR Subjects: Geography

Develop your students' knowledge in Geography with our VR & AR resources.

This selection of resources allows you and your students to become global explorers and take a trip across every continent with VR & AR.

Explore every corner of the Earth, learn about nature and take your field trips to the next level by visiting some of the most dangerous and remote locations imaginable!

Topics include:

  • Environments & Physical Geography
  • Africa
  • North, Central & South America
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania

Physical Geography

Explore the natural world with this collection of resources based around Earth’s physical geography.

With this collection of images and videos you can safely explore remote or dangerous places that even the most fearless school trips couldn’t reach – stare into a live volcano or float along the Amazon, all from the safety of your classroom.

Find yourself in the Himalayas, looking out at peaks shrouded in cloud; hover over a river delta in Russia, seeing the effects on the landscape; or stand inside a Spanish cave among stalactites, stalagmites and a calcified bear skeleton!

Watch the Northern Lights from different parts of the Arctic Circle, explore a vast array of rainforests or climb to the top of the tallest mountains in the world. Explore the inside of a long-extinct volcano – or see streams of lava erupting from one that is very much active. Stand on a glacier and examine the ice formations or look around to see the effects of erosion over millions of years.

Explore the landforms that make Planet Earth such a varied and fascinating place.

Geography: Africa

The African Geography theme allows you to venture to one of the most spectacular continents on earth without ever leaving your classroom.

Explore lava lakes at Erta Ale or ride with camels in Morocco. This theme will give students a feel for all the different landscapes and environments within Africa.

Containing videos, images and 3D models the Africa theme gives new perspectives about the people and animals that live here. Whether you are holding a giraffe in your hand using the ARCube or taking a video tour with rangers protecting the Congo, this theme is sure to surprise you.

Geography: Americas

Welcome to the Americas!

This collection takes you through Canada to the USA, visiting some of the best known (and least known) landmarks along the way.

All of the resources have been broken down into themes, making it easy to find the video, image or model you need.

Whether you want to fly over Los Angeles at sunset, hold the Statue of Liberty in your hands or catch a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, this theme has everything you need.

Geography: Asia

From Russia to Armenia, Kazakhstan to Japan, Asia is one of the most culturally and ecologically diverse continents on the planet.

Using images, videos and 3D models you can explore all corners of Asia, from ancient China to modern day Japan; you can hold ancient artefacts in your hands using the ARCube or fly above Tokyo using ClassVR headsets and Portal to guide you.

This group of resources will allow you and your students to see all sides of Asia, including its history, architecture, people and animals – you can even get up close and personal with live musicians to get a real feel of life on this spectacular continent.

Geography: Europe

Welcome to Europe, the birthplace of Western Civilisation as we know it.

This theme will allow you to explore some of the beautiful culture and countryside that makes this amazing continent so well known.

For ease of use, the capital cities have been broken down alphabetically, meaning you can quickly find and visit Amsterdam, Madrid, London or Valletta. Comparing the similarities and differences between these cities allows students to start understanding the cultural differences that exist between them and their European counterparts.

You can even explore some European history and take a closer look at some its most famous castles and historical events.

Geography: Oceania and Australasia

Take a trip to the Eastern Hemisphere and the sunny shores of Australia and New Zealand and explore Oceania with ClassVR.

Here you can take in the spectacular sights of the Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour or experience the sweeping views over Castle Hill on New Zealand’s South Island.

With a selection of pictures and videos you can get an insight into some of the best know locations down under, as well as some you may not have heard of.

Whether you are teaching about Australia and New Zealand or just looking for some inspirational images to inspire conversation and writing, this is a great place to start.

Geography: Antarctica

Wrap up warm and pack your snow shoes, because this collection of resources takes you to Antarctica.

Take time to explore one of the most remote regions in the world and get familiar with the snowy landscapes and fascinating wildlife in one of the coldest places known to man.

With a selection of images and videos from all across the Antarctic you can climb mountainous peaks, watch Gentoo penguins in their natural habitat or even visit the base for Robert Falcon Scott’s infamous 1912 Terra Nova expedition.

Using ClassVR you can take a trip to places that were previously inaccessible to schools, all from the safety (and warmth) of your desk.

Geography: South and Central America

Welcome to the Americas!

This collection takes you through the countries of South and Central America.

All of the resources have been broken down into themes, making it easy to find the video, image or model you need.

Whether you want to visit the Mayan ruins at Palenque or dance along to the carnival in Rio, this theme has everything you need.

Habitats & Nature

Discover nature’s incredible variety. See rainforests, deserts and underwater worlds, or observe how landscapes change through the seasons.

Explore the rich range of habitats and biomes on our diverse planet, from the Arctic to Antarctica and everything in-between. Compare the grasslands of Tanzania to its thick jungle, or contrast island environments from around the world. Get up-close and personal with giraffes, lions and monkeys, or see elephants having a bath!

These collections of resources are the perfect ‘hook’ to start Geography topics. They allow your students the chance to visit places far away from their own environment, and to look a little closer at the familiar.

... And much more!

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