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ClassVR - Virtual Reality in the Classroom

A World of Immersive Learning with ClassVR

ClassVR is the all-in-one virtual reality solution that provides everything you need to implement virtual reality into your school. Designed specifically for education, ClassVR provides headsets, curriculum-aligned educational resources, teacher controls and charging stations to help you create immersive and engaging lessons for your students – all at an affordable cost for schools.

Our Australian-based partners are here to support you through your ClassVR journey. From demonstrations and product questions, all the way through to purchasing, warranties and solution delivery, we strive to offer you the best service and who’s better to do that than our partners on the ground, who are available whenever you need them.

Stand-alone Virtual Reality Headset

ClassVR is a classroom-ready device with no additional hardware required. Everything is fully integrated into the device – virtual reality has never been easier! All ClassVR headsets come in a rugged storage and charging case to ensure your devices are always ready when you are.

Curriculum-aligned VR & AR Content

Created by teachers, for teachers, ClassVR provides 1000’s of virtual, augmented and mixed reality educational content to add value to your lessons, no matter what the subject. From 360-degree images & videos and explorable scenes, teachers can quickly and easily build playlists for lessons or even create and upload their own content, giving you maximum flexibility in teaching.

If that’s not enough, ClassVR also integrates with ThingLink and CoSpaces to give you even more customisation options!

Teacher-controlled VR Environments

Students can explore content independently or in a teacher-controlled environment. From the ClassVR Portal teachers can easily control and monitor the ClassVR headsets.

With simple one-click functionality teachers can push content, direct attention, and monitor student attention to maximise learning time.

Deliver subjects to many student VR headsets

Learning through experience is one of the best ways to learn and boosts knowledge retention by 75%

Case Studies & Testimonials

Used by millions of students worldwide, ClassVR is adding value to lessons for many schools in Australia. Want to know how using virtual reality can benefit your lessons? Download our 50 Creative Ways to Use ClassVR document.

Avanti's World

What’s Next for Virtual Reality?

Avanti’s World, the world’s first educational virtual reality theme park, takes virtual reality to the next level by providing multi-player experiences so students can explore each learning scene together.

Supporting educational resources are also provided to guide exploration, provide additional information and test student knowledge at the end of the lesson. All student progress and assessment scores are pulled into a simple-to-use teacher dashboard to help maximise learning time. Learn more about Avanti’s World here.

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