Augmented & Virtual Reality in Real Estate & Property Sales

Help customers see potential with VR property tours

Real estate virtual reality tours

Imagine showing someone around a portfolio of homes from the comfort of your office, or guiding a client through a new design where they could experience the space, light and feel of a room – Virtual and augmented reality offers experiences like no other, allowing people to conceptualise and understand what’s difficult to imagine from a picture or detailed description.


ClassVR offers professionals throughout the real estate industry an easy, quick and affordable way to use VR to enhance their customers’ experience and maximise the opportunities to explain concepts and spaces to support the sales process.

Real estate office tour virtual reality


Getting a client to understand the scale of a design from a drawing is never easy. ClassVR enables everyone from architects to interior designers to visualise their plans in incredible detail and share their creation with customers, giving them greater confidence in the success of the project.

As an estate agent, make your sales appointment one to remember by transporting potential buyers into any property, giving them a sense of size and light within a room.

Virtual reality property tours save time, effort and money and are proven to increase ROI on house viewings. ClassVR can be used across the entire real estate sector from estate agents and construction companies to architects and interior designers.

Virtual reality property plan experience


ClassVR has been created to cater for any size organisations from small local businesses all the way through to large multinationals.

The simple ClassVR web portal enables anyone to quickly and easily create guided VR journeys by uploading and distributing 360-degree images and videos or fully immersive VR and AR apps, directly to ClassVR’s standalone all-in-one headsets.

VR commercial retail store developments


Contact us now to understand how ClassVR can support your business to harness the transformative power of virtual reality. From white label solutions to custom hardware and software development for specific industry scenarios.