Reduce Costs for Military Training with Virtual & Augmented Reality

Training in dangerous or challenging environments made easy

Army Soldier training with Virtual Reality

One of the key advantages of virtual reality is the ability to immerse users in a virtual, yet safe, world. This is ideal for applications in the defence sector, providing military personal and defence contractors a way to gain valuable experience of dangerous or life threating environments from the safety of a training room.


VR allows military personnel to undertake a huge range of simulations, without the associated costs, thus massively reducing training budgets.

VR can put a trainee in any number of different places, situations or environments, and can be used to teach awareness, build skills, and provide valuable experience to help when real life requires it.

VR Training for tanks in combat


Trainees could use VR to experience a parachute jump, gaining an awareness of the sensation and disorientation of jumping from an aircraft, without the associated real world flight costs.

They can be placed in fighter jets, submarines, tanks or armoured vehicles to experience the cramped and claustrophobic conditions, or placed in the middle of an active battlefield or patrolled through a hostile environment, learning how to locate enemy soldiers or search for IEDs.

Virtual reality military parachue training


Experiencing new environments and activities for the first time, such as a jungle boat incursion, or an artic mission, provides valuable context and locational awareness of situations that are hard to replicate without significant cost.

Learning skills such as navigation, survival, and teamwork in difficult and compromising situations, can be achieved with striking realism. No other technology can provide this level of engagement or experience in the same immersive way as VR.

Soilder virtual reality battlefield training


VR can also be used more passively, to help treat PTSD, or provide ‘boot camp’ experience to new recruits, helping them adapt quickly, and with less anxiety, to military life.

Medics can view field surgery and front-line triage, helping them understand and empathise with injured patients.

Army medic virtual reality field hospital


ClassVR can be adapted to provide different training scenarios and allows military trainers to customise the content delivered to trainees.

The ClassVR portal allows the upload and delivery of any 360 image or video, allowing trainers to create specific content from real world footage and deliver these as controlled exercises to individuals or groups, using simple web browser controls.

Using VR in a military classroom


The ClassVR headsets are stand alone and require no physical connection to PCs, thus enabling the user to move freely whilst wearing them.

Their content can be stored locally on devices so no network or wireless connection is required, allowing them to be used in any location.

VR & VR war experiences with army troops


Contact us today if you have more questions about use in the defence sector or if you have specific use cases that you need. We can provide custom development of hardware and software to meet specific needs of defence contractors or the military.