Virtual & Augmented Reality for Public Attractions

Allow your visitors to engage with your business in a whole new way

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Virtual and Augmented Reality open up a whole world of new possibilities for museums, zoos, aquariums, science centres and theme parks. Place experiences in context like never before, guiding visitors to immerse themselves in science, history, nature or entertainment.


VR is the perfect marketing tool for rides and rollercoasters; immersive 360 video tasters of your latest thrill-inducing drop give customers a tantalising glimpse into what they could be experiencing. Use immersive virtual experiences in combination with traditional theme park attractions. Our standalone, Wi-Fi controlled headset has no wires and can be worn in any situation – perfect for showcasing less well-frequented rides to queuing customers.

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Add an extra dimension to a zoo visit; get up close and personal with animals in their natural habitats, alongside the unbeatable impact of a real-life encounter. Enhance your educational offering by linking to the Science curriculum with our teacher-written lesson plans.

ClassVR’s web portal makes it easy to upload and share your own 360 content, so visitors can see feeding time from inside an enclosure or find out for themselves how animal behaviour changes in different situations. The wireless, standalone headsets are ideal for transporting around your site, letting you make the most of the technology wherever it can have the most impact.

theme park zoo


Complement the magic of seeing creatures in real-life with the ability to dive down to the ocean’s deepest depths. Imagine seeing inside a whale’s skeleton or swimming inside a shark’s mouth – enhanced 360 videos can add impact and educational value.

Guide young visitors through playlists of our hand-selected 360 images to capture their imagination and put conservation into context. Let them experience the beauty of underwater caves, coral reefs and Antarctic waters – what better way to highlight the importance of preserving these precious habitats?

theme park aquarium


Imagine the power of sending visitors back in time to experience life as it really was in the Stone Age, alongside traditional exhibits. Give them the opportunity to see through the eyes of an artist, wear the crown of a queen or don the lab coat of a scientist, by uploading your own 360 images and videos.

Guide groups of visitors through experiences together using our innovative wireless management system. Our affordable sets of ClassVR headsets open up access to VR and AR, so you can embed the technology into your existing collections – rather than setting up an expensive, impractical standalone VR area.

Use augmented reality to bring delicate artefacts to life. Encourage your visitors to examine them as closely as possible – without causing damage by handling.

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Contact us now to understand how ClassVR can support your business to harness the transformative power of virtual reality. From white label solutions to custom hardware and software development for specific industry scenarios.