Virtual & Augmented Reality for Corporate Training

Make your office-based training a truly engaging experience

corporate training with VR

Virtual Reality holds unlimited opportunities for training in the workplace, from basic manual labouring techniques all the way through to high level executive leadership development. ClassVR’s unique virtual and augmented reality solution enables you to deliver truly immersive virtual training experiences for your staff without the risk or the cost implications of taking them to a dangerous site or a remote destination.


The innovative cloud-based management portal enables you to upload, collate and distribute engaging and relevant 360 degree images, videos and virtual and augmented reality applications directly to standalone headsets – without the need of a mobile phone! Create or source 360 degree videos of best practise techniques or of hazardous on-site locations and instantly transport your employees from the training room directly into a fully immersive experience. Whether you have a team of engineers undertaking health and safety training, middle managers working on their team management skills or c-level executives improving their public speaking, ClassVR makes it easy to create any scene and truly engage them within the training session.

hazardous environment training using VR


Virtual reality provides invaluable context to any situation and the opportunity for you to simulate new and existing environments, such as a new production line, a large busy office or a shop floor, that are hard to replicate without significant cost. Training your staff to deal with difficult customer interactions or management situations can be achieved with striking realism, taking role play and situational practise to a new level. No other technology can provide this level of engagement or experience in the same immersive way.

learning new processes on machine training


ClassVR gives any size organisation the opportunity to quickly and easily build and distribute relevant, captivating scenarios that add a deeper level of understanding to enhance your employee development process, without significant time or financial investment.

staff development using VR


Contact us now to understand how ClassVR can support your business to harness the transformative power of virtual reality. From white label solutions to custom hardware and software development for specific industry scenarios.