Improving Road Safety with Virtual Reality Experiences

Using trainer-led VR experiences to help the Emergency Services save lives

Improving Road Safety with Virtual Reality

Making Roads Safer Through HARD-HITTING VR Driving Experiences

Through the power of ClassVR the world of road safety has gained a new tool to educate drivers of all ages about the dangers on the road

ClassVR unique ability to manage multiple VR headsets simultaneously on or offline, enables trainers to quickly and easily deliver immersive and engaging virtual reality experiences in any environment. Whether in a training room, school, office building or an exhibition, ClassVR gives you total control.

ClassVR is the ideal solution for Emergency Services training and it has received incredible feedback for its ease of use and impact when delivering Road Safety Awareness programmes to young people. Virtual reality technology can provide realistic and hard-hitting experiences of serious road accidents, and the consequences of dangerous driving, in order to raise awareness of the importance of road safety. Using virtual reality technology, the dangers of irresponsible road behaviour can be highlighted to young people, who are among some of the most vulnerable road users. With over 270 young people (aged 17-24) being killed on Britain’s roads in 2017, ClassVR is working with multiple police forces, fire services, authorities and districts to change driver attitudes and improve road safety.

Road Safety Student and Fire Officer with ClassVR

Jennifer Stark
Area Communications Manager, Police Scotland

“I have always been excited by the possibilities of VR and have found it to be an invaluable tool that helps us engage with all age groups but especially young drivers. Currently we are using ClassVR to show our project, driVR, that features two 360 films. This equipment has allowed us to deliver the lesson to 30 students at one time with just a click of a button.

Discovering ClassVR has let us convey our road safety messages to a far greater number of people in a more efficient manner than we first thought possible. It truly is an excellent solution for showing VR in a classroom or at events and I look forward to seeing how the technology (and our use of it) develops.”

Hard-hitting VR Car Crash Experience

Car Crash VR Experience for teenagers
Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue VR on BBC News

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service has launched a virtual reality programme. Watch the Road Safety VR video on the BBC News website

NIFRS VR Road Safety Launch

Students using Virtual Reality for Road Safety Improvement
South Eastern Regional College on YouTube

SERC students got to try out the virtual reality headsets at the launch of NIFRS new road safety education programme. Watch the program launch video on the SERC YouTube Channel

Road Safety Scotland: VR Report

Safe Driving Tuition using Virtual Reality
Road Safety Scotland Authority

Delegates at the Road Safety Scotland Seminar experienced VR technology that is making an impact on road safety. View the complete PDF Report on the Road Safety Scotland website

The ClassVR solution comes complete with a choice of 4 or 8 headsets in portable, ruggedized storage and charging cases making sure all your headsets are safe, secure and fully charged, ready for use. Custom headsets and charging options are also available depending on the scale of the roll out.
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