Oceans Day 2021 – Dive Into The Deep Blue With ClassVR

Today for Oceans Day 2021, also known as World Oceans Day, we’re celebrating the importance of education in teaching students about how our oceans work, and understanding the different threats they’re facing!

What is Oceans Day 2021?

World Oceans Day was created by the United Nations almost 30 years ago and is celebrated worldwide on the 8th June to “shed light on the wonder of the ocean and how it is our life source, supporting humanity and every other organism on Earth.”

It’s an opportunity for everyone to come together and raise awareness of the role the oceans play in our everyday life, and learn about what we need to do to protect, restore and manage our seas.

ClassVR Content – Explore the Oceans!

In our ClassVR library, we have many resources that let your students experience the depths of the ocean, and help you teach them about this important day.

Dive into our content libraries, where you can find a range of immersive resources, including 360 images, 360 videos, 3D models and explorable scenes including a thrilling shark experience (a favourite for many schools!), a tour of the Great Barrier Reef, 3D models of the many sea creatures of the oceans and even images of the Caribbean.

Rivers & Oceans Zone in Avanti’s World

Another fantastic resource is the Maps of the Oceans scene in Engaging Earth Land. Providing a personal tour of our planet’s oceans, here you can explore the map and find out where our oceans are, as well as how they’re connected, and how the water in them moves.

Within Avanti’s World, students can learn about three key areas of study using the map:

  • The Five Oceans
  • Ocean Currents
  • Pollution and the Oceans

While you explore the map of the oceans, swim with sharks or dive coral reefs, ask your students things like:

  • How many different types of coral can you see in the reef?
  • What impact do you think humans are having on this reef and do you think it still looks like this today?
  • How does it feel to be this close to the sharks?
  • What characteristics do all oceans have in common?
  • How can human behaviour influence pollution in the oceans?

To get started, simply browse for these new categories directly in the ClassVR portal, start adding to your playlists and you’re all set for delving into the deep blue this Oceans Day 2021.

Map of the Oceans VR Scene

We’re keen to hear feedback from schools all over the world on what content you’d like to see us build for you next, so if you have any suggestions of resources you’d like to use or lessons you want to teach, just drop our Educational Services team an email at community@classvr.com.

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