Curriculum-aligned Virtual and Augmented Reality Content

Engaging augmented and virtual reality resources

ClassVR is an open platform, supporting virtual and augmented curriculum content, as well as allowing students and teachers to create, upload and share their own content, creating a collaborative community of global educational resources.

The ClassVR portal includes access to a huge library of pedagogically sound, curriculum and US state standards aligned, engaging VR and AR content, along with downloadable structured lesson plans, guides, and worksheets to help spark the imagination of students. The Portal also provides access to our community of content created and shared by teachers around the world, as well as exciting partnerships with great VR and AR educational content publishers.

The ClassVR portal is packed full of engaging, immersive content and provides an easy way to find great, curriculum aligned educational Virtual Reality resources. Search by subject, topic or even a keyword, and find ready made collections, or individual resources to build your own lesson.

ClassVR also offers a unique Augmented Reality experience through ARC (Augmented Reality Classroom) software. The software uses the high-resolution front-facing camera to bring printed materials to life and show an animated 3D visual based on the content on the printed page.

Step into virtual worlds and environments, with our Explorable Scenes. Allowing students to move around and be fully immersed in different scenes whilst learning and researching. ClassVR hold a variety of premade scenes, which teachers can customise or why not create your own!