5 Ways ClassVR is the Perfect Google Expeditions Alternative

For many schools who are using Google Expeditions, the 30th June is looming… as this is the day Google removes the Google Expeditions app from all app stores and no longer supports the Google Cardboard devices or their Tour Creator tool.

But this is not the end of virtual reality for schools, because there are other solutions you can use to deliver fully immersive and engaging lessons with VR; and ClassVR is the perfect Google Expeditions alternative.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to ClassVR

ClassVR is designed with education in mind providing everything you need to easily deliver virtual reality in the classroom from hardware, software, content and teacher controls. Here are 5 ways ClassVR is the perfect Google Expeditions alternative:

Google Expeditions Alternative

1. All-in-one Headset

Unlike the Google Cardboard, ClassVR works straight out of the box; no additional devices, no phones, no routers and no cables; it’s a stand-alone, classroom-ready device. Everything is fully integrated into a lightweight, comfortable headset suitable for users of all ages, thanks to its detachable facial padding and adjustable head straps.

2. Collaborative & Explorable VR Experiences

Virtual reality helps your students experience things that aren’t always possible, however ClassVR takes this immersive learning style a step further. The explorable scenes allow students to walk through the experience, explore, discover and question the scene all of which can be done independently, or alongside their fellow classmates. ClassVR provides multi-user VR experiences to allow groups of students to collaborate together in an explorable scene.

ClassVR also supports AR resources to help students hold and investigate 3D objects right in front of them with using the ARC (Augmented Reality Classroom) app. Learn more about AR compatibility here.

3. Create & Upload Your Own Content

Alongside the thousands of educational resources and content included in ClassVR, you can also add your own 360-degree photos and videos or even 3D models at the click of a button, whether that’s self-created or curated, you can upload and utilise it in ClassVR. There’s no limitations and you can add value to every lesson with ClassVR!

4. Web-based Portal

The ClassVR Portal is integral to the success of virtual reality in the classroom. Lessons can start and content can be pushed to ClassVR headsets in a matter of seconds. Simply log-in via your browser, drag and drop your content and press play; within seconds your students are experiencing the content! Playlists can be prepared in advance of lessons or use one of our pre-configured, curriculum focused playlists to save even more time!

5. Real-time Device Monitoring & Controls

Normally, virtual reality can be fun to deliver but a nightmare to control. Unlike other VR headset providers, ClassVR includes teacher controls so you can always see what your students are doing, with real-time headset view. To learning time and focus learning, teachers can easily launch content, lock headsets and even add dynamic points of interest to highlight particular aspects in a scene and guide exploration.

The Perfect Google Expeditions Alternative

If that’s not enough to show you that ClassVR is the perfect Google Expeditions alternative, why not see ClassVR in action? Book a demonstration of ClassVR here.

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