Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions has come to an end, but VR has not...

ClassVR is designed with education in mind providing everything you need to easily deliver virtual reality in the classroom – the perfect Google Expeditions alternative!

Our VR classroom solution comes complete with hardware, software and curriculum-aligned content and resources, providing everything teachers need to introduce VR learning in their lessons.

Want to know more about how ClassVR is an excellent replacement for Google Expeditions? Read our 5 Ways ClassVR is the Perfect Google Expeditions Alternative blog.

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5 Reasons to Choose ClassVR

Although Google Expeditions is no more, this is not the end of VR & AR in schools. Here are 5 reasons why ClassVR is the perfect Google Expeditions replacement:

ClassVR-Stand Alone-VR-Headsets

All-in-one Standalone Headsets

Our VR headsets are classroom-ready with everything fully integrated into them and are suitable for users of all ages.

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Collaborative, Explorable VR Experiences

VR provides an immersive VR learning style allowing students to explore scenes independently or collaboratively as part of a group.

ClassVR 5 ways

Create and Upload Your Own Content

Alongside the 1000s of education VR and AR resources and content provided in our portal, you can easily add your own 360 photos, videos, and 3D models.

ClassVR 5 ways


Our Portal provides simple-to-use tools to plan, deliver and streamline any lessons using virtual reality.

ClassVR 5 ways

Real-time Device Monitoring and Controls

Our management system provides teacher controls to ensure lessons are controlled with real-time monitoring, lock headsets and dynamic points of interest to guide exploration.

Get your FREE ‘50 Creative Ways to Use ClassVR’ in the classroom guide

Our free guide is designed to provide practical and inspiring examples of how schools all over the world are using our VR educational solutions as a teaching tool in the classroom.

Find out about how students of all ages have explored a wide range of content, from 360-degree images and videos to explorable scenes and tangible 3D augmented reality models.

All these resources are available in ClassVR and are used as pedagogical stimuli across the curriculum.


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