Virtual & Augmented Reality in Elementary Education

Cementing early learning experiences

elementary kids excited about using virtual reality (vr)

There’s so much potential for bringing the curriculum to life using virtual and augmented reality experiences, from visiting far-flung corners of the world to holding the human heart in your hands. Find out more about how VR and AR can have a remarkable impact in all areas of learning.


Speaking skills – and in turn writing skills – show a marked improvement in students who have had the opportunity to explore a virtual environment. The immersive, sensory nature of VR improves the quality of students’ language; the immediacy of the experience is particularly beneficial for those students who struggle to think of what to write.

elementary kids developing their literacy skills


Creating a context for learning is crucial for deepening understanding. Learning about the phases of the moon from a textbook works just fine for some students – but the added contextual information they can access when they are placed on the surface of the moon, looking back at Earth, is invaluable.

experience impossible environments using vr


Engaging and immersive personal experience simply cannot be matched in terms of information retention. The ability to re-imagine the VR experience in which you learned a new concept is incredibly powerful and is of particular benefit to students who struggle to remain focussed in a traditional classroom environment.

elementary kids sharing their knowledge


VR and AR open up exciting learning opportunities for students with specific educational needs. Many children with autism find the sensory immersion of a 360 video (complete with audio through headphones) a comforting and safe way to learn new concepts – all while knowing they can easily remove themselves from the situation if necessary. Schools are excited to use simple portal to quickly send their own content to student headsets. Imagine the power of recording a quick immersive video of your field trip destination ahead of time, giving students with autism or sensory integration challenges the chance to get accustomed to an unfamiliar environment?

VR for kids with special needs


Engagement is the key to excellent teaching and truly deep learning. The creativity of teachers is unmatched – just think of all those hours spent preparing launch events, role play areas and interactive displays – so just think of what can be achieved with VR and AR at your fingertips! Let ClassVR breathe new life into key topics, with technology that inspires and motivates.

increasing engagement in learning using vr


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