Immersive Climate Change Learning Experiences - Schools Climate Action 2021

Last week we were at Stowe School and took part in the Schools Climate Action 2021 event. The Schools Climate Action Group, a student-led movement, aims to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and encourage schools to become carbon net zero by 2040.

Inspirational Climate Change Learning

Throughout the day, the 1500 students in attendance had the opportunity to learn and engage with climate change in so many amazing ways. The students heard inspirational talks from the likes of the Royal Geographical Society, Greenpeace, TV presenter Michaela Strachan and Liberal Democrats Leader Sir Edward Davey, and took part in engaging workshops, mock COP 26 negotiations and of course exciting VR learning experiences!

The fully-packed day was very insightful and the whole ClassVR team came away feeling inspired!

Immersive VR Experiences

One of the main aims of the Schools Climate Action event was to allow the students to EXPERIENCE the topics discussed throughout the day… That’s where ClassVR comes in! With ClassVR headsets and immersive virtual reality resources, we took the students on an exciting exploration of climate change.

From venturing to the Arctic to meeting their carbon footprint, the students had the opportunity to experience climate change – all without leaving their seats! Check out the engaging VR resources they explored below:

  1. Greenpeace – A Journey to the Arctic a 360 video that takes you on an exploration to the Arctic and face-to-face with a polar bear.
  2. Global warming – Signs & Effectsa 360 animation of how the “greenhouse effect” works and what causes their influence on global warming.
  3. UN Meet your Carbon Footprinta 360 animation that shows how your daily choices can feed or fight climate change.
  4. NASA – The Call for Sciencea 360 video that follows NASA scientists dedicated to understanding planet Earth and the effects of climate change.

Fancy engaging your class by creating your own immersive climate change lessons? You can explore these resources and SO much more in the ClassVR Portal!

Simply log into the Portal, search for ‘Climate’, add the content to your playlist and let the engaging lessons begin!

Schools Climate Action ClassVR

The Schools Climate Action event was a fantastic opportunity to engage and educate students and it doesn’t need to stop there. With ClassVR your students can continue this learning right from the classroom. To learn more about ClassVR and the VR & AR resources included, book a demonstration today.

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