School VR Subjects: Music Resources


Bring music lessons to life with our selection of musical masterpieces and inspirational soundscapes.

This collection of resources has been selected specially to help demonstrate how music around the world can sound and feel completely different – a carnival in Rio and street musicians in South Africa for example.

Looking at the cultural differences between musical styles will give students a deeper understanding of music from around the world. What’s more, watching musicians and dancers perform in virtual reality gives an unprecedented level of immersion that otherwise could only come from actually being there!

This is combined with a selection of augmented reality 3D models that can be explored using the ARCube to help students explore the difference between different musical instruments.

A handful of sample resources from the 'Music' section can be previewed below

These VR samples will hopefully give a flavour of the classroom possibilities within just this single subject area. The complete ClassVR portal grants your entire school access to over 800 VR and AR resources, including: