New Content Released for VR and AR Resources

As former teachers, we know how difficult it can be to find new and interesting ways of approaching topics or to find ways of integrating new technology and new content to the extent that it positively enriches the learning experience. Because of this, we are regularly adding new lesson ideas to the ClassVR portal to hopefully offer some inspiration for teaching and learning opportunities based on the content available.

Here are the latest offerings hot off the press:

Zoe Verrall Educational Specialist

Zoe Verrall
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)

Magical Palace


Take a look around real castles and other fairy tale settings while becoming familiar with traditional tales. You can also use this as a springboard to study 3D shapes in maths or explore movement in P.E.


Visit some of the most amazing sporting events in the world and use this experience to inspire learning about health and fitness, nutrition, sports journalism and goal setting.

Sporting Events


It is sometimes difficult to get an understanding of what different traditions and rituals are like around the world. In our Weddings category, you can visit anywhere from Slovakia to Malaysia and use these experiences to help understand different cultures and discuss the idea of making promises.


Our Buildings as Art lesson focuses on contemporary architecture in Art and Design, including how to review buildings in the same way as other art forms. Students are also encouraged to consider the buildings from a land use perspective in Geography and to encourage computational thinking when designing their own buildings.

Buildings As Art
Sailing away


Explore the seven seas to help learn about floating and sinking, inspiring students to conduct their scientific investigations. It also offers opportunities to learn about capacity and stories with this theme.


This Market Place lesson is all about food. Students can explore and discuss the produce available across a range of different subject areas: seasonality and flavours in Cooking; healthy eating in Science, recipe writing in English and much more.

Island Life


Get students into Geography by discovering islands they have never seen. Study human and physical features and encourage them to apply their knowledge and vocabulary through writing postcards, reading maps and programming robots to find treasure.


Put your students in familiar environments to help focus their minds on useful vocabulary. The main focus of this lesson is Languages to help build a bank of useful vocabulary, however, there are also ideas for how it could be used in Science, Geography, Music, Art and English.

Familiar Places

As mentioned in other posts, these ideas are just starting points. The experiences remain completely flexible so that you have the power to change the subject focus or year group that your lessons are tailored to.