FIFA World Cup

It’s nearly that time again – love it or loathe it, World Cup fever is about to sweep the globe once more! With the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia scheduled to kick off on Thursday 14th June, it presents the ideal opportunity to engage your students in conversations about geography, politics, history, writing and (unsurprisingly) football!

World Cup Map 2018

For younger students the tournament brings with it the opportunity for exciting creative writing and art ideas – using AR, get your class to hold the World Cup in their hands and think about their own designs for a new trophy. Then, using Paint 3D, they can create their own 3D model of their design that can be uploaded to your ClassCloud. From there you can use the ARCube to view their designs in real-time, augmented reality.

You could also use this opportunity to talk about fair play and sportsmanship. Is it right that players try to dive to gain an advantage in the competition? How can we stop cheating in this year’s World Cup? What should happen to players who are caught diving? All of these questions are important to consider and can often bring about some heated debates!

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Chris Bass, Educational Specialist

Chris Bass
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)

It is likely that many of your students know little about Russia, so the World Cup brings with it an opportunity to explore some of its history and geography. Using ClassVR, students can be transported to Moscow and explore its unique architecture, or visit the Northern Lights in the frozen plains of Yagry – comparing what they can see through the headsets with their own home towns can lead to some fantastic writing using comparative nouns and adjectives.

Whatever your feelings on the upcoming competition, it will undoubtedly be the topic of many conversations between students, adults and in the media – what better time to channel your class’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity in the classroom?