Build Excitement This Geography Awareness Week with VR

On the third week of November every year, teachers, parents, students and geographically minded people host events, lessons and games as part of Geography Awareness Week. This week is designed to encourage people to learn more about Geography as a whole, explore their environments and promote the importance of Geography in everyday life. There is no specific theme this year, but the National Geographic website has claimed that people should “feel free to focus on any or all aspects of geography.”

Supporting Geography Awareness Week with Virtual Reality

At ClassVR, we have a wide range of resources that will help you create exciting Geography lessons that your students will remember for years to come! Whether you’re teaching about climate change, rivers and oceans, human environments or even rainforests, ClassVR has a lot to offer this Geography Awareness Week!

If you are looking for something specific, you can use the “Search Subscriptions” tab in the ClassVR portal and find the relevant resources for the topic you are teaching – there’s hundreds of VR & AR resources and content to add value to your Geography lessons. From exploring the Brazilian Rainforest where you can experience capuchin monkeys feeding on fruit, or taking a virtual trip to the Scottsdale Arizona Desert and identifying why plants only grow for three weeks a year in this habitat, every edge of the Earth is possible to explore.

If you are teaching about mountains, imagine how excited your students would be to explore the Swiss Alps and experience a stunning view from above the summit of Mount Franalpstock with a view over Lake Lurence, the town of Brunnen, and the surrounding mountains of the Swiss Alps!

Looking for content around oceans? Let your students dive into the deep sea and learn all about The Great Barrier Reef. Or even better, let them experience swimming with green turtles off the coast of the Galapagos Islands and learn how these creatures can travel up to speeds of 30mph, and are even able to sleep underwater for a few hours at a time – all from the safety of the classroom!

If you fancy teaching Geography differently this year, even outside of Geography Awareness Week, use ClassVR to view a wide variety of VR resources to help you teach about a specific continent in depth!

Engaging Earth Land – A Land of Geography VR Experiences

In the world’s first virtual reality theme park, Avantis World, explore, along with your students our amazing Geography-based resources in Engaging Earth Land!

Explore our incredible planet from pole to pole, delve into Earth’s amazing variety of biomes, experience some of its most extreme climates and conditions, and find out what goes on underneath the surface of our world. Climb up the stairs to the viewing platform to get a close look at the globe or find out how water has shaped our environment over millions of years. Book a demonstration of Avantis World!

To learn how ClassVR can support you not only this during Geography Awareness Week but beyond, book a demonstration with our team.

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