Anti-Bullying in Virtual Reality

With bullying effecting thousands of children each year and cyberbullying on the rise, why not bring anti-bullying lessons into the 21st century? Whilst technology can so often be at the centre of bullying, let’s use as a tool to help resolve it.

The immersive features of ClassVR provide an ideal environment to teach empathy to students in a culturally diverse world. Our library of content contains several ready made playlists that can be used to engage students’ feelings about scenarios such as natural disasters and cultural festivals from across the globe.

Student can experience for themselves what it’s like to be in a refugee camp and reflect on what life might be like for people seeking safety. They can also use some of the experiences to try and imagine what life would be like as someone who is new and perhaps worried about being in a different place. In turn, these conversations can be carefully scaffolded towards discussing similarities, difference and how we treat one another – regardless of where you are born, who you live with or what you believe in.

Equally, if your school has a 360-degree camera, you could capture some roleplay of students undertaking various anti-bullying scenarios and use these to help support other students learn strategies to deal with, and ultimately overcome, bullying.

In addition, CoSpaces user Weiyi has created a virtual world to test students’ knowledge and give them advice on what to do if they see of are a victim of bullying. This can be found in the Community Library by searching for ‘Bullying’.

Antibullying co-spaces image

Why not take this one step further and have students create their own resources? Students could record their own videos or virtual worlds and have the rest of class experience them by easily uploading them to the headsets.