A man on the moon – Experience Apollo 11!

On 21st July 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong, and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, were part of the mission to put a man on the moon – and became the first two humans to land and walk on the Earth’s moon. Today, you can travel back in time and join them on the Apollo 11 mission!

Learn, Explore & Experience The Moon with ClassVR

How was the moon created? What does it look like? Why is it an important part of our solar system? How does the moon orbit the Earth? These are just some of the questions you’ll probably hear when learning about the Moon.

Our ClassVR resources not only allow you to hold the Lunar Lander in your hand or experience seeing Earth from the Moon, but you can also experience what it’s like to be a man on the moon, to walk on the surface of the Moon, in our free Avanti’s World scene! You’ll be able to experience this impossible place like never before, bring outer space to life and support students learning around these tricky abstract concepts.

Moon Landing VR Experience

What’s best is they can follow in the footsteps of famous astronauts and intricate robots and experience the key features of the Moon first-hand! You can be as lucky at the Reception class at Denbigh High School and have the moon brought to you – we think there might be some astronauts in the making!

Now You’ve Become a Man on the Moon – What’s next?

As your students are exploring and learning about the Moon in VR, it’s important they are getting the most out of the exploration. You can guide the lesson by asking the following questions:

  1. What materials make The Moon Lunar Rover suitable for landing on the moon?
  2. Why was it important to land on the moon?
  3. What would it feel like stepping out of the module for the first time?
  4. If you could be on the moon and touch the moon’s surface, what do you think it would feel like?

To start your Moon exploration, simply search for the Moon in the ClassVR portal, push to your headsets and your space mission can begin! Don’t forget to share your newly introduced astronauts on their mission on Twitter tagging @ClassVR.

TOP TIP:  To allow students to explore the whole playlist freely, just send the playlist track to their headsets using the ‘send playlist’ button and let them launch it themselves. Then, simply play any scene to bring them back together!

We are keen to hear feedback from schools all over the world on what content you would like to see us build for you next, yes, that includes things that are out of this world! So if you have any suggestions of resources you’d like to use or lessons you want to teach, just drop our Educational Services team an email at community@classvr.com.

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