5 Tools to Create Your Own VR Content for Endless Virtual Reality Learning

ClassVR provides access to 1000s of engaging virtual and augmented reality resources, but the possibilities don’t stop there… you can upload your own VR content in seconds!  

From sharing your 360 photos and videos with the class, to handling 3D models created by one of your students, or even walking through an exciting new virtual worldyou can support virtual reality learning using ClassVR! 

A Central Hub for All VR Content – The ClassVR Portal

We understand that creativity is at the heart of teaching, and that’s why we’ve made it so easy to search, create, upload and explore VR content in the ClassVR Portal. 

Easily upload you own content in the ‘My Cloud’ section or through one of our partners, drag and drop it into a playlist, and jump straight in. 

ClassVR Portal My Cloud Section

5 Ultimate Tools for Creating Your Own VR Content

ClassVR opens up a world of creative virtual reality learning possibilities with so many different tools available to help you create your own VR content. 

Microsoft Paint 3D

With Microsoft Paint 3D, anyone can become a 3D designer. Draw a shape, pick a colour, and you’re good to go! 

Flexibility is everything in education, and Paint 3D is no different. Want to create a simple model of a pyramid with your younger students? No problem! Need your chemistry class to build a model of a complex molecule? Done!  

Once the creation is finished, click ‘Save As 3D Model’ in the ‘File’ menu. This’ll give you a .GLB file to upload to ClassVR, and your students can then hold and admire their handiwork using our ARCubes 

Or access Microsoft’s huge library of 3D resources as AR models using this simple video: 

Microsoft Paint 3D GIF


Let your imagination run free and create just about anything with SketchUp! Build detailed models of buildings, objects and even landscapes – then use ClassVR to delve into the detail. 

From Geography to Design and Technology, ClassVR’s integration with SketchUp takes immersive learning to the next level across all subjects and education levels. 

Simply click ‘File’, then ‘Save as’ in SketchUp to save a copy of your creation. To enjoy it in ClassVR, you’ll need to convert it to a .GLB file using an online converter tool – check out our helpful guide for more info! 


Want to rule the world? ClassVR’s exciting integration with CoSpaces means it’s possible for your students to create, explore, print (and even rule) their own personal 3D world! 

Whether you’re bringing a scene from a story to life, building a virtual boardgame, or creating an interactive exhibition, anything is possible with CoSpaces. Once your world is complete, send it to the headsets and get immersed! 

Just click the ‘Share’ button to see a share link and a QR code. Now, either paste that link into the CoSpaces section of the ClassVR Portal, or your students can scan the QR using the ‘Scanner’ app on their headsets. 

CoSpaces Portal


Looking to create a detailed virtual tour of your school? An annotated 360 image of a historical building, or even annotate a 360 video of one of the seven wonders of the world? ClassVR’s seamless integration with Thinglink means you can do it all!  

Alongside the thousands of pre-made tours and videos, you can quickly upload your own media to Thinglink to tag, label and tour, then share to your headsets with a quick ‘drag and drop’.  

Again, exporting content from Thinglink to ClassVR is simple – just click ‘share’ and copy the code you’re shown. Paste that code into the Thinglink subscription in the ClassVR Portal and drop it into a playlist just like any other resource. 

ThingLink Landscape Image

Check out this virtual tour of Penybont Primary School, one of our ClassVR Pioneer Schools! 

360 Photography

Say cheese! Another exciting and easy-to-use feature of ClassVR is snapping and uploading a 360 image or video to your headsets in a matter of seconds! 

Use either a 360 camera or a phone (using a 3rd party app like Google Street View) to capture the moment, upload it to the ClassVR Portal, and in a flash, you’re ready!  

As well as taking your own snaps, our Community Portal lets you share content with teachers across the globe. It’s forever growing and is a wonderful place to share your resources, while simultaneously teaching your students about other people, places and cultures.  

360 Photography Providers

Can’t Create? Just Find & Upload!

We know you don’t always have time to create your own VR content, but don’t worry, ClassVR also allows you to upload any purchased or curated VR content too! 

To learn more about how to you can use ClassVR to support your virtual reality learning, book a demo here 

3D Model Providers

Share Your Virtual Reality Learning Experiences

If you’re already using ClassVR and creating and uploading your own content, we’d love to see your exciting experiences so please share with us on Facebook and Twitter!