ClassVR supports multiple use cases within education, across all areas of the curriculum, driving engagement and improving outcomes and knowledge retention for students of all ages.

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ClassVR has many uses in other industry sectors, from corporate, manufacturing and retail, to real estate, defence, medical, tourism and public attractions, to name just a few.

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Introducing ClassVR, a groundbreaking technology designed to help raise engagement & increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. Everything your school needs...

VR Headsets for Schools

Standalone VR Headsets

School VR Management

Central Headset Management

Curriculum VR Content

Curriculum Aligned Content

School Teacher VR Training

& Training

VR Headset Battery Charging

Secure Storage
& Charging

School Virtual Reality Headset

ClassVR’s standalone headset is fully classroom ready. No additional mobile device is needed, the headset delivers a fully immersive VR experience whilst being wirelessly managed and controlled by our innovative ClassVR Teacher Portal. It has been designed for students of all ages, and will last the entire school day on one charge.

Management & Control of Virtual Reality Headsets in school

ClassVR comes with access to a teacher lesson planning and real-time classroom delivery platform, ClassVR Portal, a simple way to discover and deliver engaging VR content and lessons. It also provides full control and management of multiple headsets in the classroom, allowing teachers a quick and simple way to send their lesson to multiple headsets and view and monitor student progress.

VR & AR Lessons, aligned to the National Curriculum

ClassVR uses engaging curriculum aligned content along with structured lesson plans to help spark the imagination of students of all ages. The lessons leave them with memories and experiences that help visualize and understand even the most complex of educational subjects, and engages and motivates them like never before.

Teacher training for Virtual Reality technology

All our Educational Specialists are fully qualified teachers. They have extensive experience in training teachers how to use technology successfully in the classroom, and understand how to adapt their sessions to meet the needs of staff with a range of familiarity levels with new technologies.

Lesson Ideas & Support

Not only will we ensure that everything is seamlessly up and running, we will also give you some great lesson ideas as well.

Download our white paper: A guide to virtual & augmented reality in education

Download our informative guide to using virtual and augmented reality in education, and discover the impact this technology has on student engagement and knowledge retention.

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