Why is virtual reality the next step in student engagement?

What does successful teaching and learning look like? When different people answer this question you may hear words like ‘progress’ and ‘challenged’, however the term you are most likely to hear, the aspect that is identified as being one of the hallmarks of successful learning is student engagement.

You want to walk into a classroom where there is a buzz in the air, where students are completely absorbed in what they are doing. Once you have them hooked, they become the driving force in their learning, making it more meaningful and more memorable.

Zoe Verrall Educational Specialist

Zoe Verrall
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)

So how do you create and maintain high student engagement? Most teachers have a fair few tricks up their sleeve to get children excited about their topic or the particular subject they are studying. Role play areas, school trips, mysterious objects all help to create that electric atmosphere that sparks excellent learning, but what else? There are so many topics to cover and the pressure to think creatively can often be very great. Virtual reality and augmented reality experiences breathe life into all topics and subjects, taking your students to new, undiscovered worlds.

When I was a child, I remember feeling hugely excited when the big TV was wheeled into the classroom. Today, children would wonder if it was part of a history project. This is a generation who has grown up with tablets and smartphones and are no longer wowed by them. Virtual reality gives them that special experience- something completely different and utterly engaging that will bring out the inquisitive and zealous learner within.

School VR for pupil engagement