Virtual & Augmented Reality in Secondary Education

Developing deeper views of the world

high school students using technology

Ensuring students are engaged, motivated and challenged throughout their school career is a key priority for teachers. See how virtual and augmented reality can unlock potential, giving students new ways to experience learning and even create their own media.


Technological tools to inspire a generation who have never known life without smartphones can be hard to come by. Virtual and Augmented Reality are a fantastic example of technologies with untold possibility in the years ahead; what better way to inspire and engage your students? The buzz and enthusiasm in a classroom when the VR headsets come out is hard to beat – and the learning potential is immense.

standalone virtual reality headset


One of the less frequently considered benefits of VR in the classroom is the unparalleled opportunity it gives your students to truly inhabit the perspectives of others. Imagine the understanding and emotional experience a student could gain from standing in the trenches during World War 1, or the insight into life in other cultures.

experience world war 1 trenches using virtual reality


ClassVR allows your students to do so much more than passively consume virtual and augmented reality experiences. Keen to get students using a 360 camera to capture their own 360 images and videos? Our simple portal makes it easy for teachers to upload student-created content; just drag and drop to share with the whole class. Look out for upcoming features that empower students to build their own 3D virtual worlds – the only limit is their imagination!

getting creative with virtual reality


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