Virtual Field Trips - The New Class Experience

Every year, students look forward to their class trips, student exchanges and activity weeks, all of which provide opportunities for students to interact with others, understand other cultures, reflect on their world views and create lifelong memories. However, for most schools across the world, local and national, let alone international school trips, have not been possible and these experiences have been missed for millions of students.

If we told you that field trips were still possible this year you might call us mad, but they are, just virtually!

Make Virtual Field Trips Possible with ClassVR

ClassVR provides 1000s of virtual reality experiences for students to explore, all without leaving the classroom! So, without the worry of risk assessments, extensive planning and parent permission, you can take your students to anywhere in the world, all from a click of a button.

Maybe you start your journey by taking your class to Australia to visit the Sydney Harbour. Next stop, a short trip across the Pacific Ocean to explore the Grand Canyon in the USA. Or why not trek through the Tanzanian Rainforest or take a stroll by the marina in Dubai? The world is your oyster!

Planning Your VR Experience

With ClassVR, it is simple to begin your trip around the world. Directly from the ClassVR portal, you can browse 360 images, videos and explorable scenes, add to your playlists using the drag and drop functionality and you’re ready to push to your ClassVR headset to start exploring! Virtual field trips are so much easier to run and allow you to focus more on what matters, high-quality teaching, excellent student progress and providing opportunities to inspire, motivate and challenge your students.

And, of course we can’t forget, having lots of fun whilst doing so!

TOP TIP: Don’t forget, you can preview any videos before downloading them by leaving your headsets locked and launching the clips directly. 

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