The Smithsonian Institution - New ClassVR Content

This week, here at ClassVR HQ, we are pleased to announce that we have added a brand-new category of exciting content to our subscription library – The Smithsonian Institution. 

The Smithsonian is known worldwide as one of the greatest collections of historical artefacts on the planet and as part of their ongoing mission for “the increase and diffusion of knowledge” they have added a selection of their artefacts to Sketchfab under a Public Domain licence, meaning they are available for anyone to use, for free, forever! 

With that, we have been able to add thirteen of these incredible models to our ever-expanding library, allowing students from all over the world to experience them on their ClassVR headsets and hold statues, skeletons and priceless art in their hands using the power of Augmented Reality and the ClassVR ARCube. 

Artefact in the Chester Telegraph Relay

Full List of Smithsonian Institution Resources

This update is completely free for all ClassVR subscribers and can be found under both the ‘Art’ and ‘History’ themes in the ClassVR subscription library. Alternatively, you can search for ‘Smithsonian’ using the Portal’s search function to see everything that has been added. The full list of files include: 

  • Triceratops Horridus Marsh (fossil) 
  • Wooly Mammoth Skeleton 
  • Morse-Vail Telegraph Key 
  • Orbiter Space Shuttle OV-103 Discovery 
  • Apollo 11 Command Module Hatch 
  • James Garfield Bronze Sculpture 
  • Baluster Vase 
  • George Washington Greenough Statue (1840) 
  • Red-Footed Tortoise Skeleton 
  • Charles Page Induction Coil 
  • Rutherford B. Hayes Bust 
  • Chester Telegraph Relay 
  • Andrew Jackson Zinc Sculpture 

Dive into the exciting collection and start exploring the Smithsonian Institution today! 

We are keen to hear feedback from schools on what content you would like to see us build for you next, so if you have any suggestions of resources you’d like to use or lessons you want to teach, just drop our Educational Services team an email at

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