Historical & Famous Women in Medicine - New Avanti's World Content

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! 

This week, we are thrilled to announce that we are releasing new content to Avanti’s World that is accessible directly from the ClassVR Portal. This new content will help you learn about two famous women in medicine from the nineteenth century! They are experts in the field of medicine and are studied and recognised globally for their work ethic, resilience and passion – can you guess who they are? 

Available to all ClassVR users from now until 30th June 2021, Avanti’s World, the world’s first educational virtual reality theme park, provides explorable historic scenes for students to explore in its own dedicated land, Trip Through Time Land  

Two of the Most Famous Women in Medicine

We are excited to be adding two new categories into the Age of Revolution zone in Trip Through Time Land. These include:

  • Florence Nightingale
  • Mary Seacole

Each of these new scenes can be browsed directly and added to your playlists as usual from the ClassVR portal. Don’t forget: You can preview any videos before downloading them by leaving your headsets locked and launching the clips directly.

These new videos are ideal for anyone looking to explore famous women in medicine or how medicine and healthcare developed overtime. The content will provide key details about their character, the hardships famous women in medicine faced, and their incredible dedication to help others. Furthermore, these two new categories will allow you to understand how women in the past contributed significantly to history and why they should be celebrated today.

Supporting Exploration - Questions to Ask Your Students

Remember, all our content is available and accessible to any individual, so they can be used for all K-12 schools. To ensure your students are getting to most out their exploration, guide the lesson by asking the following question:

  1. How did Florence Nightingale’s thoughts on cleanliness change how nurses practised their knowledge of medicine?
  2. How did Mary Seacole treat the many soldiers who were ill with a variety of diseases in her Battlefield Tent effectively?
  3. Which individuals contributed more to society?
  4. Is one famous woman in medicine more important than the other? Or did they both bring something to history that should be recognised or rewarded in the twenty first century?
Trip Through Time Land Overview

As with all our new content releases, these categories will be growing and evolving over time – so don’t forget to check back often to see what new content we’ve added!

We are keen to hear feedback from schools on what content you would like to see us build for you next, so if you have any suggestions of resources you’d like to use or lessons you want to teach, just drop our Educational Services team an email at community@classvr.com.

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