Teacher Controls

Plan, deliver and control your lessons from anywhere

Management of Virtual Reality headsets by school teachers

The ClassVR Portal makes it easy for teachers to guide students through curriculum-linked virtual reality experiences. By simply logging into the ClassVR Portal from any internet connected computer, teachers can create a playlist of content that’s relevant to their teaching session. This can be done by browsing through our extensive list of hand-picked collections, individual experiences, or even uploading your own content to share with the entire class!

The following short video will give you an introduction to how the ClassVR Portal can be used in a typical classroom scenario, to both quickly plan and seamlessly deliver a virtual reality lesson.

PLAN VR Lessons

The ClassVR Portal makes embedding VR into your lessons a breeze. With a simple search function and premade categories, it’s easy to locate the right content out of our huge bank of VR resources. Our intuitive drag and drop functionality means you can create resource playlists within seconds, ready for you to deliver to your class at the click of a button.

Planning for a VR lesson using the ClassVR Portal
Controlling a VR lesson using the ClassVR Portal


Delivering our content is as easy as pressing play! Simply navigate your way through the playlist, jumping forwards and backwards through your selected resources. Our clever hotspot technology allows you to guide the lesson, focusing students on specific areas within the activity and ensuring everyone is on task. To maintain constant control within the classroom, the preview image tracks every active headset and enables you to see where your students are looking and what they are seeing in real-time.

CREATE Your Own Lessons

The possibilities are endless with ClassVR! The ClassVR portal has been designed to enable you to upload and share your own 360 degree images and videos. By using our ClassCloud technology you can simply click the upload button and add any of you own images and videos to your playlist. Capture and share a school trip, your local environment or even school assemblies with this immersive new technology.

Managing a VR lesson using the ClassVR Portal