CHEMISTRY - Elements & Compounds (Student Age 16-17)

State Correctional Institution, Muncy, Pennsylvania, USA

This was designed to be an introduction to the periodic table of elements, scientific method and significant figures. The idea was to make chemistry interesting and more concrete as it tends to be primarily an abstract subject. The students were encouraged to learn the structure and structural changes of atoms.

Matthew Shively
Correctional Institution Teacher


During the session, I gave the students the opportunity to view elements and compounds with a 360-degree view, right at their desk. Using the chemistry 3D objects for several elements and compounds, they were able to see the structural changes and sometimes slight or drastic differences. After the experience, the students located the atomic number, element symbol and atomic mass for the elements they viewed in the ClassVR.


The VR experience made chemistry more interesting and gave the students a concrete example on which to develop their skills. It allowed students to explore 3D elements and compounds that typically would only be seen in a 2D textbook image. It is a great starting point for chemistry as the concepts tend to get more difficult. Having that visual foundation gave my students the opportunity to feel more comfortable with chemistry.


Science Icon
  • To identify physical and chemical properties and changes.

  • To compare substances and mixtures.

  • To compare elements and compounds.

Playlist: Chemistry 3D


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