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SPANISH: Exploring Spain (Student Age 14-18)

Stoughton High School, Massachusetts

“Over the semester, we have been learning about various cultural topics of Spain and trying to embrace as much of the local culture as possible. Throughout this, we have used 2D items and photographs, but it isn’t as engaging or realistic as a 3D models and 360 imagery.

Language acquisition is complex and embracing Spanish in a multi-sensory approach enables students to learn all about the culture, whilst acquiring new language knowledge.”

High School Teacher Thomas Silva

Thomas Silva
High School Teacher


To provide students a truly reflective, realistic and immersive perspective of Spain and Spanish culture, we used the ClassVR headsets to explore various landmarks and localities. We started off by visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain and I asked the students to describe in detail the sculpture in enough detail for their partner to draw the sculpture based on their description. We then analyzed an Easter Procession, investigating the seasonal climate, geographical location and interesting local landmarks. We repeated these questions and lines of investigation for Madrid – the Street of Toledo and the Museo Nacional del Prado. We finished the lesson off by exploring a cave with a bear skeleton and asked the students to describe the place and explain what they found interesting about this to their partner.


The students were able to cooperatively work together to see amazing sites and locations. The best part was having the other students want to see what their classmate was describing and how the students were able to then apply what they had learnt with ease.


  • To use Virtual Reality to enable students to explore Spain and its culture.

  • To communicate in Spanish with ClassVR.

  • To analyze Spanish landmarks and locations.

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