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SOCIAL STUDIES: Student-created 360 Videos (Age 10-11)

St Andrew’s School, Boca Raton, Florida

“The student group researched why people have stress and anxiety and ways that people can help manage these feelings in many different outlets. The students wanted to showcase what it was like to be at a counseling session. The objective of the lesson was to enable students to choose an area of interest within a central idea and then find a global problem they want to research within the community. The Exhibition is the culminating, collaborative experience in the final year of the Primary Years Program for the International Baccalaureate Program.”

School Teacher Dawn Jones

Dawn Jones
School Teacher


As we wanted students to ask questions about the topic they were researching and investigate their own questions, we aimed to create a project which provided a platform for them to take action and create solutions to their line of inquiry. Hence, we purchased the Ricoh Theta 360 video camera and the students used the camera to record their experience from their time at the psychologist office. The student group then edited the video in iMovie and exported the file to the teacher’s computer, who placed it the ClassVR portal. During their Exhibition, in addition to their verbal facts for visitors to their Exhibition Table, the students had four ClassVR headsets for visitors to have an immersive experience of being at a clinical session. This in-depth, real-life example of psychology in action enabled students to analyze and dig deeper into their own action research project and provided a fantastic stimuli for immersive and multi-sensory learning.


Students were able to take a typical tri-fold folding board presentation to an in-depth virtual field trip. Their presentation skills were stretched by adding the ClassVR headset component and the best part of this was that it was totally student-driven! They figured out how to use the 360 camera, used their prior editing skills in iMovie, and then I showed them how to push it through the ClassVR portal.


  • For students to engage in an in-depth collaborative inquiry to provide students with the opportunity to synthesize and apply their learning.

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