Welcome to the ClassVR Headset Interface

School VR headset menu interface
Benefit 1

VR Experiences

Immerse your class in a huge variety of Virtual Reality experiences, either from the provided collections or create your own using the ClassVR Portal.

Benefit 2

QR Code Scanner

Used to quickly switch between collections and VR experiences.

Benefit 3

Augmented View

Keep students safe and aware of their environment. The front facing camera projects the immediate surroundings into the headset, in real-time.

Benefit 4

Battery Level

The colour will turn red when battery is low.

Benefit 5


Load up preconfigured Augmented Reality activities.

Benefit 6

Device Information

Quickly display information about the headset.

Benefit 7

White Dot (Reticle)

Treat this as your select tool to highlight items you wish to open.

Access Virtual Reality Experiences

Simply open the QR Scanner App on the headset and look at the QRKey on the relevant lesson plan. You will hear a beep and the related VR experiences will become available.

Access Augmented Reality Resources

When you see the ARC logo on a lesson plan or worksheet, that means that you can launch Augmented Reality content simply by looking at it. First open the ARC App from the home screen of your VR headset, then look at the image of the teaching resource to bring it to life.

Augmented Reality School Lessons

Navigate the World of VR Content Using Simple Gestures

The ClassVR headset comes preinstalled with a simple and intuitive interface that can be controlled by unique gestures, allowing students to experience VR, straight out of the box. We’ve created a great cross curricular collection of VR activities for students to explore at their own pace. This collection is only a starting point and can be modified or completely recreated through the ClassVR portal.

Watch the short video below to see how easily the headsets can be controlled by our unique gestures: