School VR Subjects: Physical Geography and Landforms Resources

Physical Geography

Explore the natural world with this collection of resources based around Earth’s physical geography.

Watch the Northern Lights from different parts of the Arctic Circle, explore a vast array of rainforests or climb to the top of the tallest mountains in the world.

With this collection of images and videos you can safely explore remote or dangerous places that even the most fearless school trips couldn’t reach – stare into a live volcano or float along the Amazon, all from the safety of your classroom.

Explore the landforms that make Planet Earth such a varied and fascinating place.

A handful of sample resources from the 'Physical Geography' section can be previewed below

These VR samples will hopefully give a flavour of the classroom possibilities within just this single subject area. The complete ClassVR portal grants your entire school access to over 800 VR and AR resources, including: