School VR Subjects: European Geography Resources

VR Subject: Geography

Geography: Europe

Welcome to Europe, the birthplace of Western Civilisation as we know it.

This theme will allow you to explore some of the beautiful culture and countryside that makes this amazing continent so well known.

For ease of use, the capital cities have been broken down alphabetically, meaning you can quickly find and visit Amsterdam, Madrid, London or Valletta. Comparing the similarities and differences between these cities allows students to start understanding the cultural differences that exist between them and their European counterparts.

You can even explore some European history and take a closer look at some its most famous castles and historical events.

A handful of sample resources from the 'European Geography' section can be previewed below

These VR samples will hopefully give a flavour of the classroom possibilities within just this single subject area. The complete ClassVR portal grants your entire school access to over 800 VR and AR resources, including: