School VR Subjects: Design Technology and Industrial Arts Resources

Design Technology and Industrial Arts

Explore the various aspects of Design and Technology using virtual reality.

This theme takes a close look at engineering, machines and transportation, so whether you are exploring how machinery is made or looking for ideas to inspire a new project, you will find resources to help.

Exploring the Engineering 3D theme will allow students to combine 3D models with the ARCube and examine trains, tanks and car engines in detail to explore the way they work and how they are designed, while the Machines and Engineering theme will let you see real-world examples of those objects and how they are used.

If you are studying food technology you can also explore food markets from around the world – how do different countries source and prepare food? What are the differences in our diets? Making comparisons between countries is a great way to stimulate ideas and start conversations.

A handful of sample resources from the 'Design Technology and Industrial Arts' section can be previewed below

These VR samples will hopefully give a flavour of the classroom possibilities within just this single subject area. The complete ClassVR portal grants your entire school access to over 800 VR and AR resources, including: