Design and Technology Augmented Reality Content

Using Augmented Reality to See How Machines Work

Augmented Reality (AR) allows your students to explore the fundamentals of design and engineering in a new and exciting way. The animated models in our library give students the opportunity to safely observe how moving parts interact in machines, helping them to visualise how to build these connections into their own creations.

AR opens up new means of engaging students with STEM subjects, bringing once-hidden elements to life.

ClassVR Design and Technology Machines Worksheet and Model

ClassVR Design and Technology AR Worksheets

ClassVR Design and Technology AR Worksheet for Age 11-12 Detailing an Early Steam Engine

Machines for Ages 11-12

Understanding how mechanical systems enable changes in movement and force; understanding technology’s impact on individuals, society and the environment.

ClassVR Design and Technology AR Worksheet for Age 11-16 Detailing a Trebuchet Siege Engine

Trebuchet for Ages 11-16

Design and build working mechanisms; understanding levers.