International Literacy Day - 8th September 2018

Schools across the country will be coming back this week and many teachers will want to hook their children back into writing straight away. So, look no further – ClassVR is here to provide all the stimuli you will need.

Our Playlist, Fantasy Settings, hosts 10 magical images – some are of this earth and others are simply beyond our wildest imaginations. These 360 images will immerse your pupils in a world of fantasy, imagination and wonder – which will undoubtedly inspire and ignite their minds to begin planning and writing something truly wonderful and unique.

Fantasy Settings
Andrew Shelton

Andrew Shelton
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)

Within this playlist are many really unique and distinctive resources:

Future World: This resource would be perfect for a theme or topic to do with geographical change, science fiction or using your imagination. It shows a city which is like nothing we have on Earth; it is a futuristic, mysterious place, which may have been changed by global climate change or adapted to meet the needs of humans in a thousand years’ time. Why not try this one and see what writing your pupils can create?

Future World

Inside Birdcage: What must it be like for our pets? What are they thinking about whilst living in the human-made habitats we provide for them? If you are looking to kick off the term with some first-person narrative, this might be the stimulus and inspiration you need!

As many literacy-themed days tend to focus on re-reading or using someone else’s writing, you could truly break the mould and kick of the new term by getting your pupils to be the author of their own tale. Why not head to your ClassVR portal now ( and check out the Playlist for yourself?

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