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HISTORY VR CASE STUDY: Bringing History to Life (Student Age 8 - 9)

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“This session served as a springboard and initial introduction for a teaching sequence focused around historical sites of ancient civilisations. The objective was to make sure pupils were able to explore both the human and physical comparative points between various ancient civilisation and appreciate how they developed in different ways.”

“We wanted the children to be able to compare, contrast and understand what an ancient civilisation looked like and how people of the era might have lived.”

Junior School Teacher Simon Harris

Simon Harris
Age 8 -9 Junior School Teacher (UK)


Taking turns, the children described what they saw and as a class we talked about how each civilisation was different in terms of technology, resources and sophistication. Using the focus tool to draw children’s attention to specific areas of the VR experience allowed greater understanding in discussion. For instance, we were able to really interrogate the North Acropolis, Tikal, discussing specific parts of the structure, what it was used for and encouraging the children to hypothesise and predict whilst immersed within the experience. Being able to see what and where the children were viewing directed the discussion and led onto more structured, tailored and specific questions.


Having a virtual experience of the Mayan sites, the children had a better understanding of that civilisation and its place in history; it allowed them to see exactly what it was like to stand next to a Mayan temple. The experience provoked discussion amongst children of all abilities and allowed them to describe and discuss their experiences of what they saw and how they felt because of the 3D images and artefacts they experienced. This provided a first-hand, experiential approach to learning, which enabled a deeper understanding of the topic we were studying.


  • To identify similarities and differences between ancient civilisations.
  • To answer, create and evaluate historically-valid questions about ancient civilisations.

Playlist: Ancient Maya

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