HISTORY - Battle of Britain (Student Age 15-18)

Stanberry R-II, Stanberry, MO, Gentry County, USA

This session allows students who have started the WWII unit to analyze one of the first major battles of WWII. The goal was for students to be able to see some of the vehicles used during the battle and connect that to the outcome of the battle. Our students were able to compare and contrast the vehicles from the different sides of WWII and also compare it back to some of their knowledge of WWI.

Jeffrey Maronde
High School Teacher


Taking turns, the students described what they saw, and we had a class discussion on how the vehicles shown differed from each other and how their features helped these vehicles in battle. Using the zoom and rotating tools on the headset allowed the children to fully explore the aircraft and the tank to see how it might have operated in battle. We also discussed how these vehicles differed from their counterparts from WWI. This was used to supplement along with notes about the Battle of Britain and students were able to hypothesise how the Spitfire allowed the Royal Air Force to ultimately win the battle and stop the invasion of Britain by the Nazis.


Having the ability to see the vehicles of war with the headsets, they had a better understanding of what these looked like and how they were used in war. This provoked discussion of why they were designed that way and how they changed warfare during WWII. This provided a first-hand learning approach for the students.


  • Use descriptive language to develop writing skills.

  • Use the five senses to describe a setting.

  • Spell common words accurately.

Playlist: Underwater

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