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GEOGRAPHY VR CASE STUDY: Weather & The Seasons (Student Age 5 - 6)

Prince Albert Primary School (Birmingham)

“Children had previously looked at the four seasons and what they associated with each season. They had looked at weather and what weather to expect in each season; we explored simple reasons as to why certain weather is more common at various points in the year and what kind of temperatures, sensations and noises you might hear in the different seasons.”

“This then led on nicely to what might be considered as normal weather and extreme weather.”

Primary Teacher James Tromans

James Tromans
Age 5 – 6 Primary School Teacher (UK)


During the session children were exposed to extreme weather conditions. They were immersed into a Tornado, they looked at a frozen gorge and the northern lights. Following each immersive experience, the children were given the time to discuss what they had just seen, how it would have felt to have been there at the time, and what clothes and equipment would have been appropriate for that extreme weather condition. From this the children created a mind map of each immersive experience and wrote down all of the vocabulary that they generated. This then formed the basis of their next Literacy lesson where they used these mind maps to create sentences and explain what they had seen.


Many of our children will never get to see or experience the extreme weather conditions that they saw using the Class VR headsets. By using the immersive headsets, the children got a real feel for the weather and through the use of the visual and auditory elements, they were able to accurately describe what the weather condition was like and how it made them feel. The language generated by the experience was far superior to what would have been generated by simply looking at photo’s or watching a standard video and formed the basis of a fantastic writing stimulus. The Class VR immersive experience also allowed the teachers to bring to gather Science, Geography, Literacy and Computing into one lesson, creating a cross curricular experience that took learning to the next level.


VR Subject: Geography
  • To become immersed into different extreme weather scenarios.

Playlist: Seasonal Changes

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