Explore American History using VR in Avanti’s World!

This week, we are thrilled to announce exciting new scenes in Avanti’s World all specifically aimed at the American Curriculum! From Life in an Aztec Family and Lewis & Clark to the Declaration of Independence and the American Civil War… travel back in time in Trip Through Time Land and immerse and engage your students in your American history lessons.   

New American History Explorable Scenes

Trip Through Time Land is where your students can literally step into the shoes of people who lived long ago. With all our exciting new content, you can experience American History first hand – all from the safety of the classroom. Explore all the different historical Zones, arranged in chronological order, to truly immerse yourself in the past!  

Where will you explore first? 

  • Life in an Aztec Family 
  • Lewis and Clark 
  • The Californian Gold Rush 
  • The American Civil War 
  • An Overview of the Vietnam War 
  • The Great American Railroad 
  • The Declaration of Independence 
  • The Great Depression 
  • Pearl Harbour

Our American history resources are available to everyone with an Avanti’s World subscription; just add them to a ClassVR playlist or simply open up Avanti’s World and begin exploring our new scenes straight from the web! Sign-up to Avanti’s World or learn more on our website.  

We’d love to hear the amazing ways you are using these scenes, so drop us an email at community@classvr.com or find us on Twitter and Facebook.