Experience the History of Great Britain from the Classroom

Over the last few years, schools have been utilising XR technologies to teach a range of subjects with virtual reality becoming a popular trend when teaching history. Many history teachers are faced with the challenge of making their lessons relevant for all students, lessons they can connect with and emphasise with. That’s where virtual reality comes in… 

Providing Relevance in History Lessons

With virtual reality solutions like ClassVR, teachers can transform their history lessons to let students experience key historical events from a first-person perspective. These experiences help students form and build skills like empathy, and let students conceptualise the relevance of the topics and how the past has shaped the world today. They also help students identify connections between local, regional, national, and international history and between economic, military, political, religious, and social history, between short and long-term timescales. 

Enhance 3 History of Great Britain Lessons with VR

From an early age, many children throughout the UK will learn about key moments in British History and have to imagine a world vastly different than the one that they live in today. Now, with ClassVR, students can be transported back in time to three key historical moments in UK History and experience what life was actually like, all from the safety of the classroom!  

1. The Great Fire of London

On September 2nd, 1666 a fire began in a baker’s shop on Pudding Lane whilst most of London slept. This fire was later known and referred to as The Great Fire of London 

For many students, particularly younger ones, they’ll never have witnessed such a tragic or dangerous event, so imagining what it was like to be there or the devastation it caused can be difficult. Using Avanti’s World, students are able to explore Pudding Land & the inside of the bakery. They can experience the environment, empathise with how people might have felt and understand the significance of the fire. The Great Fire of London changed fire handling for the future and impacted on how we solve issues like this today.   

Great Fire of London

2. The Blitz

As students’ progress with their education, many will learn about continuity and changes in History, the importance of causes, consequences, similarities and differences, and they’ll use them to make connections, draw contrasts, analyse trends and frame questions. With our explorable scenes in Avanti’s World students can experience scenes from World War One and World War Two to gain those vital skills.  

During World War Two, London was bombed heavily for 56 days and nights by the Germans to break British War efforts, an event later known as the London Blitz. Many had to hide in the London Underground, which for students who haven’t even been in the London Underground can be hard to conceptualise. In Avanti’s World, students are put right in the centre of the blitz to encounter the event from the safety of the classroom. 

London Blitz

3. The Romans

The importance of the Romans and their impact on Britain is discussed many times throughout a student’s historical learning pathway. What did the Romans do for Britain? How did they arrive in Britain? And why did they leave? All vital questions that students need to understand to continue learning about Britain’s History and understanding how society progressed through time. In the ClassVR portal, students can view 3D models and look at the equipment the Romans used to fight in battles or explore a Roman Villa to understand how they lived during the height of the Roman Empire.  

Other VR Content For Topics Covered in the UK History Curriculum

Throughout the UK, many students will also learn about Ancient History, studying ancient societies such as The Maya Civilisation and The Ancient Egyptians. In ClassVR & Avanti’s World, students can explore, in chronological order, each of these societies and will discover the different ideologies, cultures, norms, and values that existed in these periods of time and view and hold artefacts in front of them.  

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