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Trinity Catholic High School, Missouri

Trinity Catholic High School in St Louis, Missouri educates young women and men through a comprehensive program of academic excellence.

Below is a first-hand description of the exciting benefits of ClassVR and how Trinity Catholic High School have already seen improvements in their students’ work by embedding ClassVR into their lessons

“My name is Sr. Karl Mary Winkelmann, and I am the President of Trinity Catholic High School, Missouri. Our school is rich in tradition, celebrating 70 years as a Catholic High School in our area with the last 15 being Trinity Catholic High School.

As we continue to look at our successes of the past, we also look forward to see what ways we can continue to evolve and engage our students now and in the future. A key focus for us is the increase in STEM/STEAM education offerings, and we are very excited to use the ClassVR Virtual Reality system with our students as an exciting cornerstone of that effort.”

Sr. Karl Mary Winkelmann


Too often technology tools are asked to solve immediate problems such as student engagement or low test scores. There are many offerings that will promise and meet those needs, but how many of them are able to go outside of that need to impact the classrooms across the campus? One of the things that has impressed us with the ClassVR system is not only its direct impact on courses such as science and social studies, but the potential for how it can be used in other aspects of our students’ coursework.

Using the media included in the libraries of the system is a great way for our teachers to get quick impact with the students. With so many choices of content, there is something for everyone. Our science classes really enjoy the augmented-reality content and our social studies, religion, and foreign language classes appreciate the content from other parts of the world to help make the learning more meaningful for the students, such as taking virtual field-trips and exploring ancient Greece, Asia, the Middle-East, and even great sites and location within the United States as well!


One of the things that we think is most exciting for our students and teachers is that we are not limited to just the content that is provided in the ClassVR library. The ease of finding and bringing in additional content from other websites, services, and even images and videos we have created, opens the door for unlimited use of ClassVR for all teachers in all courses, as well as the school body as a whole.  We are already looking at how our English, Drama, and Art classes will be able to expand on the types of content and the ways in which the system can be used.

Our technology department is also very excited to explore the integration with CoSpaces. While we are working with students on programming and digital design, the thought of other students creating their own virtual 3D worlds as part of their coursework is incredibly exciting, and we plan on exploring this more in the coming semester.


We realize that we are only scratching the surface of what is possible with VR and AR in our classrooms with the ClassVR system. What we have seen has shown us that there is so much more power and potential that we can bring into our classrooms and this will positively impact both the teachers and the students as we continue to prepare our students and our school for the next 70 years of education.

It’s hard to know what is coming next. It’s even harder to see into the future of technology and instruction. We definitely feel that Virtual Reality and ClassVR is going to be a crucial component of that for us at Trinity, and we can’t wait to see where we can take the technology next.

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““One of the things that has impressed us with the ClassVR system was not only its direct impact on courses such as Science and Social Studies, but the potential for how it can be used in other aspects of our students’ coursework.”

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Virtual Reality Case Study: Trinity Catholic High School (Missouri)

Virtual Reality Case Study: Trinity Catholic High School (Missouri)

Sr. Karl Mary Winkelmann is President of Trinity Catholic...
Trinity Catholic High School
Trinity Catholic High School