Virtual Reality Training for Schools

Technical setup and guidance for teachers

Management of Virtual Reality headsets by school teachers

One of the most important factors of implementing any technology, especially in the classroom, is to ensure adequate support and training. Our 'Technical Setup' and 'Teacher Training' services provide everything you need to get up to speed quickly and confidently, helping you to deliver engaging lesson with the minimum of fuss. And we will continue to be there to support you if you need any help...


VR Setup & Technical Installation

Let our technicians get your school organisation and devices setup and ready to go. ¬†Our technical setup service guides you through the following…

  • Configuring your school organisation
  • Configuring headsets on your school network
  • Setting up VR and AR activities on the headset


Teacher training for virtual reality lessons

All our Educational Specialists are fully qualified teachers. They have extensive experience in training teachers how to use technology successfully in the classroom and will be your guides into using ClassVR to teach…

  • Basic training on the use of the ClassVR Headsets
  • How to use the ClassVR portal to deliver whole class real-time lessons
  • Using the pre-made VR & AR lessons plans
  • Creating your own engaging content and VR lessons


CPD Training Icon

We offer comprehensive online courses that cover every aspect of ClassVR and revisit past learning. Our online CPD offers…

  • Bite-size learning with short videos, article and quizzes
  • Take training at your own pace
  • Review concepts at any time