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CROSS-CURRICULAR VR CASE STUDY: VR Tour of our School (Age 10 - 11)

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“The overall school topic was “This is me. This is us!” The class were asked what this title meant to them and we decided to make a virtual tour of the school, which tied in with our Design and Technology project. In DT, the class were making different sections of the school; each group were given responsibility of a specific section.”

“The class were introduced to the ClassVR headsets, and they were used to aid a descriptive piece of writing. This piece of work sparked their interest around the headsets, so we wrote instructions on how to use them and even used ClassVR for a still life drawing.”

Primary School Teacher Susie Grant

Susie Grant
Age 10 – 11 Primary School Teacher (UK)


The class were shown the 360 camera, and the Theta app. As a class we took a picture and talked about the process. We discussed how we could make the picture better; for example, using the tripod not our hands for stability and greater focus, hiding so we weren’t in the picture to give the image a professional look, and positioning the camera in a sensible part of the room so it captures all corners and sections in as much detail as possible. Each group had a go at taking the pictures and using the device to capture various parts of the school. We then came back together to share some of the images the children had captured and were able to share these images as a Playlist on the ClassVR Portal and headsets.


It was important for my class to see that all the small parts combined together made something which everyone was impressed by. The children loved seeing the VR map next to their models at the showcase. They really enjoyed showing their work to the other classes, which allowed every class to experience the school tour. They have really enjoyed using the headsets and their engagement in the task was increased because of the active nature of both image capture, but also appreciating their own collaborative VR tour.


  • To experiment with new technologies.
  • To use the technology to aid writing.
  • To take responsibility of the new technology and share with the younger students.
  • To describe the setting.

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