ClassVR Videos are Here!

One of the most popular requests we hear at ClassVR HQ is the inclusion of more videos on the ClassVR Portal. Teachers and students love using the videos that we already have (the ‘shark experience’ is almost always the most popular track when I am working with schools) and we know that broadening our selection of 360 video resources is important to our user schools.

With that in mind, we have been working tirelessly over the past few months to source new video content for our users. Ensuring that all new content is educationally meaningful and of the best possible quality has been at the top of the ClassVR Educational Services Team’s to-do list for a long time, and we are thrilled to announce that the first batch of new 360-degree videos is now live on!

To help you find our newest additions quickly and easily, we have also implemented a new option in the portal. When searching for a specific track or playlist you can now use the media dropdown menu (shown below) to filter only video resources. Currently, we have two new playlists, containing eighteen videos – ‘Arts, Culture and Everyday Life’ and ‘Habitats and Nature.’

ClassVR Portal Page
Chris Bass, Educational Specialist

Chris Bass
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)

We are still working hard behind the scenes on even more video content, so if you can’t yet find the exact clip you’re looking for then watch this space!

Please note that, by nature, video files are considerably larger than pictures and 3D models and as such will take longer to upload onto your headsets. If you are planning on using one of the video playlists in your upcoming lessons it would be advisable to use the subscription section of your ClassVR Portal to batch download the content you are planning to use (you can find out how to do this HERE.)

Have you had a chance to explore our new playlists yet? Get in touch on social media using the #ClassVR hashtag and let us know what you think!