ClassVR announces partnership with Varwin Education

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with Varwin Education to help provide even more opportunities for schools across the world to implement virtual reality into the classroom!

What is Varwin?

The Varwin platform is a productivity tool that makes it easy to create VR projects and learn basic programming skills at the same time. The Varwin platform is used as part of a practical teaching approach for various school disciplines ranging from chemistry and biology to art and history. Students can conduct chemical experiments, grow cells, and develop many other exciting projects in a short period of time. The process engages them in the focus subject while simultaneously helping them learn foundational programming skills.  

Using ClassVR & Varwin Together

This latest integration means that VR projects created in the Varwin platform can be opened and accessed directly from a Premium ClassVR headset. Once the project is opened, students can easily explore and manipulate objects using the ClassVR Premium headset and hand controller. Varwin is already working to add even more objects and scenes designed especially for use with ClassVR.

We are thrilled to announce this new partnership between Varwin and ClassVR and our shared dedication to making virtual reality experiences both exciting and efficient. At ClassVR, we believe that virtual experiences have the power to engage and inspire students in unique and compelling ways, and it is our ongoing mission to use the best insights and modern technologies to deliver high-quality VR solutions to the world of education!

To learn more about this partnership, and discover how you can utilise this technology with your existing ClassVR headsets, contact

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