The ClassVR Community Portal

One of the most exciting things about the ClassVR Portal is the sheer quantity of content that is available to its users. Through the ClassVR Subscriptions section of the Libraries pane at you have access to not only the wealth of content uploaded by our team of Educational Specialists (including yours truly!) but also to a huge variety of original playlists created and uploaded by ClassVR users in the Community.

Community is a place where any ClassVR user can share their own, original content or their custom created playlists using ClassVR content.

Community Portal
Chris Bass, Educational Specialist

Chris Bass
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)

Since its launch we have seen the Community portal go from a small, experimental platform for sharing playlists to a rapidly expanding content platform that is giving teachers from all over the world the ability to let their students step into each other’s worlds.

With the simplicity of the ClassVR Portal you can send Year Fives in Essex to an Australian Dairy farm with FarmVR. Your Eighth Graders can join students from Somerset on their trip to the SS Great Britain and your Kindergarteners can explore minibeast habitats from around the world, all with a few clicks.

FarmVR from the Community Portal

Using the content from the ClassVR Community is as easy as dragging your chosen tracks over to the Playlist pane and clicking play. Don’t forget that new content will need to be downloaded onto your headsets’ memory before it can be viewed, so it is a good idea to use the Pre-emptive Download button to cache any large files before you begin your lesson. If you need some more space on your headsets then you can find out how to clear the cache here:

Similarly, adding your content to the Community is just as simple. To share your playlist with the rest of our ClassVR users all you have to do is save your playlist (Giving it a relevant and interesting name – we don’t want hundreds of ‘Playlist 1’ submissions!) Then, in the My Playlists section of the Portal, right click on your newly saved playlist and click ‘add description’. The description is key to other users being able to find and use your work, so be as descriptive as possible – you can even use hashtags to add keywords that will be picked up by the search algorithm.

Once you have added a description, right click on the playlist name once more and select ‘Publish’. This will send the content to our Educational Services team for approval. Once we’ve checked your content to ensure it is labelled correctly and appropriate for schools, we will approve it for use with the rest of the ClassVR Community!

We try to check on new submissions every week, but during busy periods it may take up to 2 weeks for your playlist to appear.

Soldier's Leap from ClassVR Community Portal

We love seeing new content appear in the Portal and have been blown away by some of the videos, pictures and models that our user community has added. The ability to immerse students in the worlds of real people from around the world is truly unique and something that we are immensely proud of.

So, get out there and take some photos, shoot some videos and build some 3D models – we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!