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VR & AR Lesson Ideas for Teachers

Mark your Calendar: Upcoming Awareness Days

Awareness days can be a great way to guide students on a path to becoming informed and compassionate global citizens. These days serve as windows to the world, inviting students...

Published: 30 October 2023 Read More
Tortoise arriving at the finishing line of the race.

Storytelling with Virtual Reality

Once upon a time in an eduverse far away, children from all over the world were learning through play… 

Published: 23 February 2023 Read More
Supporting Additional Educational Needs with Virtual Reality

Supporting Additional Educational Needs with Virtual Reality

Discover how our brand-new S.E.N.D VR content & resources can help support any students with additional educational needs.

Published: 18 August 2022 Read More
Cement Works

Human Geography: Brand-New VR Resources! 

Discover the new immersive Human Geography VR resources your students can explore in Avantis World!

Published: 9 August 2022 Read More

How to Enhance Your History Lessons with Virtual Reality

Discover how you can transform your History lessons with VR by transporting your class to important moments in time, walking in the shoes of famous historical figures and experiencing what...

Published: 4 May 2022 Read More

Guest Blog: Becoming a Viking Warrior with Virtual Reality

Over in ESMS Junior School, Scotland, teacher Jamie Steer is creating unforgettable History & Literacy lessons with ClassVR by letting his students become Viking warriors and so much more!

Published: 28 April 2022 Read More
Jack and the Beanstalk

Deliver Creative Literacy Lessons with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a flexible tool, ready to be used in many ways to support learning - including developing literacy and creative writing in your classroom. Here are 3 ways...

Published: 2 March 2022 Read More

Celebrate St David’s Day By Exploring the History of Welsh Coal Mining in Avanti's World

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus – Happy St David’s Day! Celebrate by letting your students explore a Welsh coal mine in Avanti's World.

Published: 1 March 2022 Read More

Guest Blog: Breaking Down the Walls of our Classrooms with ClassVR

In West Baton Rouge (WBR) Parish Schools in Port Allen, Louisiana, we are breaking down the walls of our classrooms and using ClassVR to help our students explore locations around...

Published: 15 February 2022 Read More
Great Expectations

Celebrate Charles Dickens’ Work in Virtual Reality

Born on the 7th of February 1812, Charles Dickens was more than a novelist; he was also a well-established journalist, editor, illustrator, and even social commentator, but is best known...

Published: 4 February 2022 Read More
Werribee Zoo

Virtual Reality - Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

One of the things I love most when visiting Australia is the sheer abundance of nature – from woods and creeks to waterfalls and oceans, there’s always something worth seeing...

Published: 3 February 2022 Read More

Using ThingLink’s Interactive 3D Models in ClassVR

Using ThingLink’s Interactive 3D Models in ClassVR   Jan 25, 2022 |  2 min read Alongside the team from ThingLink HQ, our development team has created a simple interface within the...

Published: 31 January 2022 Read More

Explore Human Geography in People Planet - New Avanti's World Zone!

People Planet lets students explore various aspects of human interactions with our planet. From interactions with other countries as a global community to interactions with production and supply chains, interactions...

Published: 25 January 2022 Read More

Guest Blog: A New Path - Fresh Applications of Virtual Reality in Special Education

Guest Blog: A New Path - Fresh Applications of Virtual Reality in Special Education   Jan 19, 2022 |  7 min read When choosing which devices to purchase, it was important...

Published: 21 January 2022 Read More

Pearl Harbor – Virtual Reality Teaching Resources

What caused the attack of Pearl Harbor?  What events occurred during the attack on Pearl Harbor?  What was impact of the events at Pearl Harbor?  Why do you think Pearl...

Published: 2 December 2021 Read More

Guest Blog: Re-envisioning Teacher Education and In-Service Professional Development with ClassVR

The Education faculty of the Peter & Paula Lunder School of Education, Thomas College, Waterville, Maine are dedicated to the work of re-envisioning teacher education and professional development for its...

Published: 18 November 2021 Read More
Geography Awareness Week

Build Excitement This Geography Awareness Week with VR

At ClassVR, we have a wide range of resources that will help you create exciting Geography lessons that your students will remember for years to come! Whether you’re teaching about...

Published: 16 November 2021 Read More
Climate Change

Making Sense of Climate Change with ClassVR

As 2021’s highly anticipated COP26 event in Glasgow comes to an end, teachers worldwide are looking at different ways that they can use ClassVR to help explain something as vast...

Published: 11 November 2021 Read More

The Gunpowder Plot – Virtual Reality Teaching Resources

Who was religious in this time? Why did a group of people want to remove the King from the throne? How were the main conspirators going to get rid of the King? These are just a...

Published: 3 November 2021 Read More

Open Up Accessibility for Students with Virtual Reality

Ludwig Wittgenstein once said “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”  As a school leader on an island off the West Coast of Scotland myself, I know first-hand the limited experiences and...

Published: 26 October 2021 Read More
School Climate Action 2021

Immersive Climate Change Learning Experiences - Schools Climate Action 2021

Throughout the day, the 1500 students in attendance had the opportunity to learn and engage with climate change in so many amazing ways. The students heard inspirational talks from the...

Published: 22 October 2021 Read More
5 Examples of Immersive Learning

5 Examples of Immersive Learning in Schools This Term

Teachers from across the world have already been delivering creative and inspiring lessons with ClassVR this new school year. From travelling to the Land of the Pharaohs to adventuring on the moon, we've seen SO many fantastic examples of immersive learning in schools!  Here’s a few of our favourites: If you’re starting a topic like ‘Around the World in...

Published: 11 October 2021 Read More

Experience the History of Great Britain from the Classroom

On September 2nd, 1666 a fire began in a baker’s shop on Pudding Lane whilst most of London slept. This fire was later known and referred to as The Great...

Published: 14 September 2021 Read More
Literacy Land

International Literacy Day 2021 – New Avanti’s World Literacy Scenes!

Happy International Literacy Day 2021 from everyone at Avantis!   To celebrate, we’ve just released 8 brand new Literacy Land scenes in Avanti’s World – the world’s first educational virtual reality theme park.   From the old-English words of Shakespeare to the fairytale world of Snow White, if you’re looking...

Published: 8 September 2021 Read More

Explore American History using VR in Avanti’s World!

Trip Through Time Land is where your students can literally step into the shoes of people who lived long ago. With all our exciting new content, you can experience American History first hand – all from the safety of the classroom. Explore all the different historical Zones, arranged in chronological...

Published: 17 August 2021 Read More
Spitfire Plane

The World Wars - Virtual Reality Teaching Resources

Similarly, when teaching about World War Two, students can begin exploring what life was like for someone arriving at Birkenau concentration camp through a 360-degree photo in the ClassVR library. The VR experiences also...

Published: 2 August 2021 Read More
3 Ways VR can Transform Education

3 Ways Virtual Reality Can Transform Education

VR can fully immerse your students in the lesson, gripping their imagination and stimulating their thought in ways never dreamed of with traditional books, pictures and videos.   With ClassVR and Avanti’s World, your students...

Published: 27 July 2021 Read More

A man on the moon – Experience Apollo 11!

How was the moon created? What does it look like? Why is it an important part of our solar system? How does the moon orbit the Earth? These are just...

Published: 19 July 2021 Read More

Be VR Ready in 6 Steps – Back-to-school Preparation!

With over 1000 educational resources provided in the ClassVR portal, there’s so many opportunities to add value to your lesson with VR. If you’ve not had time to scope out all...

Published: 15 July 2021 Read More
Literacy Land

Supporting Reading Literacy with Virtual Reality in Literacy Land

We are thrilled to announce the opening of a brand-new land inside Avanti’s World; Literacy Land! Joining Super Science Land, Engaging Earth Land and Trip Through Time Land, Literacy Land is designed to support reading literacy...

Published: 14 July 2021 Read More

The Smithsonian Institution - New ClassVR Content

This update is completely free for all ClassVR subscribers and can be found under both the 'Art' and 'History' themes in the ClassVR subscription library. Alternatively, you can search for...

Published: 12 July 2021 Read More

National Writing Day 2021 – Engaging with writing using ClassVR and Avanti’s World

As a teacher, one of the hardest things I ever tried to help my students understand was how to empathise, how to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes.’ Because most of...

Published: 23 June 2021 Read More
Refugee Day

Power of Inclusion – World Refugee Week

When it comes to teaching about World Refugee Day, or Refugees as a topic, there is an emotional and moral responsibility to make sure that individuals learn about truthful experiences to help...

Published: 18 June 2021 Read More

5 Tools to Create Your Own VR Content for Endless Virtual Reality Learning

We understand that creativity is at the heart of teaching, and that’s why we’ve made it so easy to search, create, upload and explore VR content in the ClassVR Portal.  Easily upload you own...

Published: 14 June 2021 Read More

What Just Happened? The Drastic Change in Education

The seismic shift that has happened had a major impact on education. Educators around the world had to shift and shift fast. And they did. Traditionally change in education has...

Published: 9 June 2021 Read More
Octorals New Caledonia

Oceans Day 2021 – Dive Into The Deep Blue With ClassVR

World Oceans Day was created by the United Nations almost 30 years ago and is celebrated worldwide on the 8th June to “shed light on the wonder of the ocean...

Published: 8 June 2021 Read More

5 Ways ClassVR is the Perfect Google Expeditions Alternative

For many schools who are using Google Expeditions, the 30th June is looming… as this is the day Google removes the Google Expeditions app from all app stores and no...

Published: 19 May 2021 Read More

Virtual Field Trips - The New Class Experience

Every year, students look forward to their class trips, student exchanges and activity weeks, all of which provide opportunities for students to interact with others, understand other cultures, reflect on...

Published: 13 May 2021 Read More

Historical & Famous Women in Medicine - New Avanti's World Content

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  This week, we are thrilled to announce that we are releasing new content to Avanti's World that is accessible directly from the ClassVR Portal. This new content will help you learn about two famous women in medicine from...

Published: 26 April 2021 Read More

How to Use ClassVR to Teach Humanities

ClassVR includes hundreds of VR, AR and MR educational resources to support your geography and history lessons. Not only can you transport your students across the world, you can even go back in time.   Explore...

Published: 14 April 2021 Read More

Avantis Launches First Educational Virtual Reality Theme Park

Prior to remote learning, our ClassVR headsets were consistently being used by over a million students to deliver fully immersive and engaging lessons using virtual reality. However, as students continue...

Published: 23 March 2021 Read More

Enhance Learning with Virtual Reality this British Science Week 2021

Many science concepts can be tricky to understand but virtual reality can help. With the use of virtual reality any science experience is possible. Students can fully immerse themselves in explorable scenes...

Published: 8 March 2021 Read More

Encourage Collaborative Learning in the Classroom with a Multiplayer VR Experience

2020 saw one of the most dramatic changes to the way we teach in modern history. With countries all over the world following strict social isolation rules, students had to do much...

Published: 3 March 2021 Read More

Avantis Launches a Free Social Engagement Tool for Student Well-being

We know first-hand the impact school closures are having on students worldwide and we asked ourselves, what can we do to help? Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to help create a solution to combat...

Published: 12 February 2021 Read More
Solar Probe

ClassVR Content Update - 13th March 2020

There are five new categories now available under the ‘Physics’ section of the Portal: Mars NASA Astronaut Training Videos NASA Commercial Crew Program NASA Launch videos Black Holes

Published: 13 March 2020 Read More

ClassVR Content Update - 28th February 2020

This week’s ClassVR content update is the first of an ongoing series of new resource releases onto the ClassVR portal and we’re starting off down under, with the new ‘Australia’...

Published: 28 February 2020 Read More

ClassVR Update - January 2020

Giving your students to opportunity to explore their topic allows them to build deeper, more meaningful experiences than ever before. At launch there are fifteen scenes available on the ClassVR...

Published: 7 February 2020 Read More

Thinglink and ClassVR

Alongside the team from Thinglink HQ, our development team have created a simple interface within the ClassVR portal that allows you to seamlessly take Thinglink media and paste it into...

Published: 3 December 2019 Read More

ClassVR for Universities

Is ClassVR suitable for university students? This is a question we hear a lot within the Avantis offices, so our latest blog will be investigating exactly how and why ClassVR...

Published: 25 September 2019 Read More

Virtual Footprints Issue 1: Creativity When Creating Content

We love using ClassVR to boost engagement and help students develop a deeper understanding of the content they’re learning about. Aside from complementing class lessons, we’re even using it in...

Published: 13 August 2019 Read More

Minecraft 3D Models

Minecraft has come a long way in the last few years. Since its release in 2011 the creative ‘sandbox’ game has gone from underground, indie building simulator to worldwide creative...

Published: 24 May 2019 Read More

The ClassVR Community Portal

One of the most exciting things about the ClassVR Portal is the sheer quantity of content that is available to its users. Through the ClassVR Subscriptions section of the Libraries...

Published: 10 May 2019 Read More

Editing Your Own 360 Content using Windows 10

As more and more of our users are exploring the potential of using their own content on their ClassVR headsets we are seeing an increasing number of requests for a...

Published: 1 March 2019 Read More

Creating Virtual Reality Content Using ClassVR

Firstly, visit - you will need to set up a free account to get started (this can be upgraded later, if you like.) The ‘My Spaces’ tab can then...

Published: 6 December 2018 Read More

Virtual Reality and Remembrance Day

Chris Bass Avantis Educational Specialist (UK) I remember learning about WW1 in secondary school and finding it difficult to understand. The scale of it didn’t make sense to me and...

Published: 8 November 2018 Read More

Hurricane Florence: Helping Students Understand Natural Disasters

With the news currently dominated by stories of Hurricane Florence and a potential environmental disaster approaching the East Coast of North America, it is highly likely that your students will...

Published: 13 September 2018 Read More

International Literacy Day - 8th September 2018

Andrew Shelton Avantis Educational Specialist (UK) Within this playlist are many really unique and distinctive resources: Future World: This resource would be perfect for a theme or topic to do...

Published: 5 September 2018 Read More

ClassVR Videos are Here!

With that in mind, we have been working tirelessly over the past few months to source new video content for our users. Ensuring that all new content is educationally meaningful...

Published: 28 August 2018 Read More

Watching The Seasons Change with ClassVR

This is part of our Lesson Plan Focus series. To download samples of the planning materials that come included in the ClassVR Subscription, see Hannah Davies Avantis Senior Educational...

Published: 6 August 2018 Read More

The World Cup, Fair Play and Building Empathy

Wherever in the world you are, the FIFA World Cup 2018 has undoubtedly been a hot topic of conversation. Here in England, we are waiting with bated breath for our...

Published: 2 July 2018 Read More

FIFA World Cup

For younger students the tournament brings with it the opportunity for exciting creative writing and art ideas – using AR, get your class to hold the World Cup in their...

Published: 8 June 2018 Read More

Post SATS Virtual Reality Lessons

Up and down the UK teachers and students alike are breathing a sigh of relief – the Key Stage 2 SATS tests are (almost) over! However, with the writing assessments...

Published: 4 June 2018 Read More

Empathy for Autism with Virtual Reality

Hannah Davies Avantis Senior Educational Specialist (UK) Dominic Broad Primary School Teacher, Barry Island Primary SchoolDominic Broad, Barry Island Primary School explains: "Autism is a part of daily life for...

Published: 17 April 2018 Read More

New Content Released for VR and AR Resources

As former teachers, we know how difficult it can be to find new and interesting ways of approaching topics or to find ways of integrating new technology and new content...

Published: 13 March 2018 Read More

How Virtual Reality can be used to Support Children with Special Educational Needs

Charlton Park Academy is a Special Academy for students with complex, low incidence special educational needs. Based in Greenwich, London, Charlton Park goes above and beyond to transform the lives of...

Published: 8 March 2018 Read More

Appreciating Art From All Angles

Hannah Davies Avantis Senior Educational Specialist (UK) Augmented Reality is now here to completely transform the way students can appreciate sculpture. Using the Augmented Reality Classroom app on our ClassVR...

Published: 7 March 2018 Read More

Volcanoes In VR: Adapting Lesson Plans for Younger Age Groups

This is part of our Lesson Plan Focus series. To download samples of the planning materials that come included in the ClassVR Subscription, see Hannah Davies Avantis Senior Educational...

Published: 6 March 2018 Read More

Lesson Plans: The Moon in VR for Older Children

This is part of our Lesson Plan Focus series. To download samples of the planning materials that come included in the ClassVR Subscription, see lesson plans offer a range...

Published: 5 March 2018 Read More

ClassVR 2.0 Updates

You’ll notice a few changes to the Libraries pane in the Plan area of the Portal. We’ve grouped the different Libraries to make it easier to find what you need:...

Published: 20 February 2018 Read More

The Digital Competence Framework and ClassVR

The Digital Competence Framework (DCF) has been introduced into the curriculum in Wales to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently, creatively and critically use technologies. The...

Published: 15 December 2017 Read More

Top 10 Ways to Use ClassVR

ClassVR is the world’s first complete virtual and augmented reality set designed specifically for schools, with standalone headsets, intuitive gesture controls, a huge library of content and an easy-to-use teacher...

Published: 6 December 2017 Read More

Teacher Training Event for Welsh User Schools

The training session, carried out by Hannah, one of the Educational Specialists who works at Avantis, was for Teachers from schools within Wales who are already using the headsets. Even...

Published: 27 November 2017 Read More

Create and explore 3D worlds in the classroom with CoSpaces and ClassVR

We're excited to announce our integration with CoSpaces, an incredible tool that gives your students the power to create 3D worlds in any browser and experience them in 360 with...

Published: 31 October 2017 Read More

New School Term Virtual Reality Teaching Ideas

Welcome Back! Having had a summer being told how lucky you are to have such long holidays while managing your time to accommodate: planning for the new term, gathering resources,...

Published: 20 September 2017 Read More

Lesson Plans: Visit Ancient Egypt with VR

This is part of our Lesson Plan Focus series. To download samples of the planning materials that come included in the ClassVR Subscription, see Egypt was always one of...

Published: 31 August 2017 Read More

The flexibility of virtual reality: using a single resource across different student ages

Quite often, I’ll get asked a variation of the same question by teachers: what content do you have for young children? What about 11-12 year olds? Do you have content...

Published: 4 July 2017 Read More

Capturing & using your own virtual reality photos & videos in school

Of course, it’s really important that the content we provide is high-quality and curriculum-linked, but I think one of the most exciting things about the ClassVR system is the fact...

Published: 15 June 2017 Read More

The magic of using augmented reality to deliver engaging school lessons

Hannah Davies Avantis Senior Educational Specialist (UK) With ClassVR, the ARC (Augmented Reality Classroom) app recognises a 2D image and brings it to life by bringing up a corresponding 3D...

Published: 17 May 2017 Read More

Bring out your inner scientist with virtual reality lessons

Hannah Davies Head of Educational Services (UK) Of course, you don’t have to leave the planet. Even the ability to explore a range of different habitats here on Earth lends...

Published: 5 May 2017 Read More

What is the right way to manage Virtual Reality in the classroom?

Hannah Davies Head of Educational Services (UK) If you only have a few ClassVR headsets, you can… create a carousel of activities in your classroom with virtual reality or augmented...

Published: 16 March 2017 Read More

Bring History to life in school with Virtual Reality

Hannah Davies Avantis Head of Educational Services (UK) How different an impression a child gets from seeing a picture of the Pyramids of Giza to standing by them and staring...

Published: 7 March 2017 Read More

The Sky at Night: Astronomical sights in virtual reality

Hannah Davies Avantis Educational Specialist (UK) Ages 3-7: Northern Lights In addition to exploring the Northern Lights ClassVR experiences, read ‘The Magic Sky’ by Lucy Richards and collect adjectives to...

Published: 3 March 2017 Read More

Why is virtual reality the next step in student engagement?

Zoe Verrall Avantis Educational Specialist (UK) So how do you create and maintain high student engagement? Most teachers have a fair few tricks up their sleeve to get children excited...

Published: 24 February 2017 Read More

Using VR to encourage storytelling in early school years

Hannah Davies Avantis Educational Specialist (UK) This is where I think ClassVR has a really important role to play. Next time your Year 1 class is learning about the history...

Published: 23 February 2017 Read More

Full of classroom ideas after launching ClassVR at the 2017 BETT show

In an academy far far away… This week I had the pleasure of setting up ClassVR at St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy in Blackburn. Lead Teacher in New Technologies,...

Published: 16 February 2017 Read More

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